How to pay for membership? How much is it?


WWOOFer in Japan 5,500 Japanese Yen (US$55.00 or Australian$63.00)


The means of payment we accept are:

Alternative credit card payment
Bank transfer
Post Office Transfer/YUBIN FURIKAE (only in Japan)
GENKIN KAKITOME (only in Japan)
Send cash through the post
Bank transfer (From inside Japan ONLY)



Use this method if you wish to pay by credit card or if you already have a PayPal account or would like to set one up. Creating an account is free, although it may take several days for Paypal to verify the account before you are able to make a payment. But you also have the option of paying by credit card WITHOUT creating an account and without waiting.

Alternative credit card payment
Only if you have been instructed by WWOOF Japan.  Please contact us first.

At any post office in Japan, 5,500 yen
Account number : 02720-0-59726
Account name in English script : WWOOF Japan

GENKIN KAKITOME (at any post office in Japan), 5,500 yen
Within Japan you may mail cash by special certified mail. This system is called GENKIN KAKITOME. If you wish to pay by this method, please inquire at the nearest post office for assistance. Payments made by this method should be mailed to the following address:
Honcho 2-jo, 3-chome 6-7, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
065-0042 JAPAN

Bank transfer from your bank to our Australian bank, $63 Australian
Bank name : Commonwealth Bank
Branch name : Panania
Address : 71-73 Anderson Ave, Panania
BSB number : 062222
Account number : 1015 2567
Account name : WWOOF Japan

Note: If you want to pay by bank transfer from anywhere in the world, then this is the bank account to send your payment to. Be sure to have the bank you use to send your payment inform you of the fees charged by your bank, our bank, and banks in between, so that the full Australian dollar amount arrives net into our bank account. If you are paying via internet banking, then you might not have fees deducted from your payment, but you should check with your bank to make sure. But, if you are sending payment by funds transfer from your bank to our bank, then fees are usually charged by your bank, banks in between, and our bank. Be sure to tell your bank that the full Australian dollar amount must arrive in our bank account. If your bank does not know, then we can say from experience that the fees most often charged by banks total $21, so if you are not sure, then send an extra $21, total $84 to pay for bank fees. If you want to avoid bank fees, then you can pay by PayPal via our website.


Cash in the post.
We stop short of recommending it but if you are having trouble paying either because of your location, computer problems, or other, then you may do as many choose to do and send cash to us through the post. We only accept cash in Japanese yen or Australian dollars and it should be sent to:
Honcho 2-jo, 3-chome 6-7, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
065-0042 JAPAN

WWOOF Japan  Honcho 2-jo, 3-chome 6-7, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 065-0042  JAPAN
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