How to make arrangements to go to a host?

Members use their membership information to contact the host(s) that they want to go to.
You can go to as many hosts as you want to, for as long as you and the host arrange for you to, during the course of your 12 month membership period.
- HOW EARLY: It is hard to generalize as to how early is ideal to contact hosts. Some WWOOFers contact hosts and make plans as far ahead as six months, others with just a week or so notice. If you have the time, it is probably better to plan ahead in order to make it more likely that you can stay at the places you prefer. Some hosts like it and others prefer not to commit so far ahead.
We recommend you write to hosts in concise point form, to make it easier for then if they are non native speakers of English to comprehend your communications, in the following format:
Your name
Your WWOOFer code
The date you wish to start WWOOFing at the host's place
The period that you wish to stay
What is your purpose to go WWOOFing to this host's place
Why did you choose this host
Something of your own history, interests, knowledge
- HOW TO CONTACT HOSTS? E-mail is fast and convenient and many hosts have it. Remember, although many hosts speak some English, it is usually not their mother tongue and when they are busy it can be hard for some of them to deal with written English.
- WILL I FIND A HOST TO TAKE ME?: Hosts can be busy at times and some hosts are in demand more than others for reasons of what they do, or their location, and it can be that at such times a host will be unable to accept you. But we have not known of a WWOOFer who could not find a host somewhere to take them.
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