How much time do I need to arrange to go WWOOFing?

If you pay by credit card or PayPal then you will gain access to full membership details including the means to contact hosts and make plans to go to hosts' places immediately.
If you pay by a manual method such as bank transfer, via the Japanese post office, etc, payment usually reaches us within about one week if you are in Japan.  If you are situated outside Japan and send the payment by bank transfer, it might take more than a week.  If you want fast tracking, write to us via the Contact Form on our website and we will work to support you.

You can pay and join now and get full access to all membership details now including the means to contact hosts.

First year memberships are for 18 months duration.
One year plus 6 months bonus extra to give you time to plan well in advance!

Using your membership information, it should be possible to make plans to go to a host within a week or so if you choose a host whose profile says something like, "I open emails almost everyday."   However it would be better if you have a few weeks to make your WWOOFing preparations.  

Many hosts will take WWOOFers with short notice.

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