How do I join

It's quick and easy!

- Send an online application form via our webite (follow the links on our website)
- Send payment (follow the links on our website re payment)
- Send us an e-mail to tell us how you paid

If you pay by credit card or paypal, then you will have immediate access to full membership including the ability to contact hosts.

If you send your payment by a non-online means, such as bank transfer or via the post office in Japan, then we can usually process your membership in two ~ four working days after your payment has reached us.  And if you are in a hurry, we will work to support you quickly.

Once logged in as a member, by clicking on the 'WWOOFer Permit' link in the menu, members can see and print out their WWOOFer Permit, which they must give a copy of to each host they go to.   This WWOOFer Permit replaces the now redundant WWOOFer Membership Card that we used to have.

WWOOF Japan  Honcho 2-jo, 3-chome 6-7, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 065-0042  JAPAN
E-mail: Contact Form   Fax number from within Japan: (03) 4496-6370    Fax number from outside Japan: +81 3 4496-6370

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