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WWOOF is a means for people to make friendships and exchange.

Please have a look at through our website and see information on what a WWOOF Japan membership will give you. We have hundreds hosts all over Japan and are adding new hosts each week. And our hosts represent a rich diversity of experience and adventure, examples of some of those being, organic farming, health and healing centers, pottery and arts, building and restoring traditional homesteads, organic restaurants, martial arts, dealing with animals, Japanese tea houses, pensions in ski fields area, eco villages, brewing and production of foods, fishing, bee keeping, nature guide centre, centers for the environment, sea kayaking, and more.

You can view a preview Hosts by clicking the menu item Host List.

You can join and pay online. You can join now and get full membership details now, but stipulate a date in the future of your choice from when you want your membership period to begin, and thereby have time to write to places that you think you might like, to make plans before your membership period begins.

Regarding visas, most people from overseas come WWOOFing in Japan using a normal tourist visa. Those who want to stay longer endeavor to do that once they are here. The WWOOF Japan office and Hosts cannot assist with visa matters.

Even if you are just wanting a means to network with people in Japan, or think you might use WWOOF for just a day or two, or are planning to stay in cities mostly, or only until you find paid work with working visa sponsorship, etc., you might consider joining in order to network and learn of resources and opportunities, to find places to stay while traveling between cities, you might find a ride from one place to another though one of our hosts, etc. Most hosts will pick up WWOOFers from nearby public transport and we do have hosts within a couple of hours of some cities, Tokyo for example. Realize that it costs just 5,500 yen to join us for one whole year - that's about 55 US dollars, 73 Australian, 40 Euros which is the cost of a pizza in Japan, just one night at a youth hostel. And in terms of finding access to longer term resources, learning language, the culture, food production, cooking and other things Japanese in Japan there can be few better situations than living with a Japanese family who are likely to take a personal interest in your aspirations. Ask yourself to what extent will you have genuine and meaningful experiences in Tokyo or Osaka amongst the MacDonalds burger joints and tourist traps with a million other lost foreign travelers. If you spend even just a day or two WWOOFing it would be the best forty US dollars you would have spent on your travels.

To help us find your email in the hundreds of SPAM mail we get each day, write your name and WWOOF Japan in the Subject of your email; Ie. "Mary Right to WWOOF Japan". If you don't want to write you name, then at least write the words "WWOOF Japan". As you will by now know, we at the WWOOF Japan office conduct all communications with WWOOFers and Hosts via email, and we do not use the telephone.

Please let us know if you require any other information or support.

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