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Looking after Hosts and WWOOFers in Japan. This is explained elsewhere thoughout the website.   As the WWOOF Japan office, this is overwhelmingly our main work.

WWOOF memberships to other WWOOF groups in other countries

While local WWOOFing in Japan matters resprsent the overwhelming majority of our work, in addition, we are offer memberships for WWOOF Australia and WWOOF New Zealand at the same price (give or take depending on the exchange rate), have copies of Handbooks on hand and can deliver to most destinations in Japan the next working day after payment has been received.  For WWOOFers who want to be supported to go WWOOFing in countries outside Japan, we offer various support services for fee, and details of these services can be read below.  

Kaigai Support

In addtion to local WWOOFing in Japan, we offer a support program to WWOOFers who want extra help, and who want to pay an extra fee for that help.  We encourage WWOOFers to go WWOOFing themselves, and most WWOOFers do.  This support program is an option that some WWOOFers decide to take up, usually due to having little or no time until their desired departure date, or, because they are not entirely self confident, have the financial wherewithall, and are happy to be supported on their first overseas WWOOFing adventure, to have us help them get there, and in case they need help once they are there.

The Kaigai Support program costs 19,500 yen.  That is about $195 Australian dollars.  It includes the provision of the local WWOOF Handbook, so for example in the case of Australia, if the WWOOF Australia Handbook is $60, then the fee is $135, plus the cost of the WWOOF Australia Handbook.

Some of the work we do for this fee may including for example, arranging air travel to and from Japan, information and advice on transport in the country to where they are going including transport to WWOOF hosts they are going to, information and guidance about the country(s) they are going to including culture, climate, lifestyle, etc, and recommend reading and resources in Japanese on the same so that they might prepare well, types if visa necessary and how to obtain them, book for them accommodation in the country they are going to, advise and recommend insurances, help them if they have difficulty while overseas, either at a host or elsewhere, communicate with the host concerned at such times, and if necessary with their family back in Japan, and more.  If you the host have any problems with WWOOFers we help go to your place, we are always available to support.  We take our work very seriously and always strive to do the very best we can for WWOOFers and hosts, especially in times of difficulty.   We are a home based small business, a husband and wife team, Glenn and Kiyoko, with the support of a few good part time helpers.

* Some sometimes asked questions and answers to them.
Q1.  Is it right that you charge Japanese people to help them go WWOOFing to some countries?
A1.  We give all people the option of buying the WWOOF Handbook themselves for the country they are going to, either by directing them to the relative WWOOF organization, or in the case of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, we are agents for their Handbooks.  In the case of the latter, we offer Handbooks at approximately the same price it is sold for by the home country (plus or less a small amount depending on the currency exchange rate at the time).  We also offer a support service for people who want it.   So, those people who ask us to support them do so knowing that they can do-it-themselves more cheaply, but instead elect to pay more and have us support them.

Q2.  If the Japanese person can't arrange a host for themselves, do they have the language and wherewithal to go WWOOFing?
A2.  Sometimes, the reasons people elect to have support from us is because of time limitations, or lack of experience and confidence, and the like, and not necessarily because they doubt their own ability to communicate with English speaking people well.   They often seek support in getting the first stage of their WWOOFIng arranged, so that they can arrive in the country they are going to with some concrete plans, after which they will do it themselves.   Some it seems decide to pay us for support simply because they can afford to do so and want to spend the money to have the first leg of their WWOOF travels organized for them.  Some people can in practice end up demonstrating a poor ability to communicate with hosts.  Such a result can be a combination of circumstances relating to both the WWOOFer and the host.  Some people have poor language ability but good interpersonal skills and do very well; some better than average English language ability but poor interpersonal skills but have a hard time communicating.   We do our best to tell all WWOOFers that they must be able to communicate with hosts in order to be able to comprehend the instructions hosts give them and do the work the hosts wants them to do.  We make clear to WWOOFers the "spirit of WWOOFing" and that they will have to take the initiative and work to bring value to the hosts they visit.

Q3.  Should you be doing this for WWOOFers?   Isn't WWOOFIng all about the individual WWOOFer making his or her WWOOFIng plans?
A3.  Some Japanese people appreciate being helped to find the first host they are to go to upon their arrival in the country they are going to.  This can be the case even for Japanese people who have some reasonable English, who have traveled and have some experience.  For people who are used to WWOOFers from a European background, this can be hard to understand.  Some Japanese people do-it-themselves and others elect to be supported.   We give them the option to do either.

+++ If a host does not  want to receive these kinds of request from us, we welcome them telling us so, and we will work to not send them again.   Conversely, if a hosts does want to receive  WWOOFers via us at WWOOF Japan, we ask them to tell us and we can work to support them with the kind of people they prefer to have at their place.

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