WWOOFer rides his bicycle the length of Japan

This is an 'organic' story!  Although the text is in Japanese, we wanted to share it with English speakers.  Congruent with the theme we are promoting here at WWOOF Japan, that in addition to organic farming and foods, we need too hone an organic attitude to life.  This chap cycling all the way from Kyushu at the southern end of Japan, to Hokkaido in the north, WWOOFing with hosts along the way, and ending at the WWOOF Japan office, is a fine example of doin' it organically!  Traveling 3,600 kilometres and staying at 20 different hosts along the way.  Once he arrived at the WWOOF Japan office, we helped him do maintainence on his bike, fed him well, and a few days later he went back to Kyushu by ferry. 

Here is the newspaper article in Japanese.

Atsuhiro Bicycler

Here is a photo of him earning his food and boarding at a host's place en route.

Atsuhiro Bicycler

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