Children? Age limit? Families together?

Many of our hosts accept children. Some of our hosts do accept whole families together; ie. 2 parents and children.  

Membership costs are as follows:
- One membership for each adult over 16 years.
- Children under 16 years WWOOFing with an adult who is a WWOOF Japan member, no charge.

Each person who contacts (or for whom contact is made) and / or visits Hosts must be a member of WWOOF Japan BEFORE Hosts are contacted. If you are planning to travel with friends or family, those persons will each need join, pay, become a member, before hosts are contacted.  You may not take a friend with you citing them as a 'visitor' or other and not a WWOOFer.

There is no strict age limit to join WWOOF Japan: the number of older people joining us continues to increase, and many of our Hosts welcome older WWOOFers sighting the sensible and experienced approach they bring.  The information we provide to members includes this kind of information on each host.
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