CHEATING (wwoofing without a membership)

It will cost you double. We take a no nonsense approach to people we find cheating. All members are thoroughly informed of WWOOFing rules when they join us. When a WWOOFer is found to be ignoring WWOOFing rules, we:
a) Inform hosts of the names of the WWOOFer and his or her friend, which usually results in most hosts not accepting them.
b) Terminate their membership.
c) Ask the person to pay in retrospect for the membership for the person who was not a member of WWOOF Japan whom they took with them WWOOFing in Japan, or the person to whom they gave membership information, regardless of whether that person has too paid and joined WWOOF Japan. In these cases the money will be used to pay for membership for students, researchers, and others who cannot afford to pay for membership themselves.
d) Ask the person to pay a penalty equal to equal the cost of one membership. This is in addition to the cost that they are required to pay for actual membership for themselves, resulting in them paying double the cost that people who do the right thing pay. In the case of one WWOOF Japan member giving a friend copies of his membership material, we ask both offenders to pay one penalty each. We use each additional payment to pay for a WWOOF membership for someone from a developing country, or a person doing research, or other who cannot afford to pay for it themselves. If the person(s) would like to specify the country to which we should work to give the membership the penalty will pay for, that is fine.
e) Notify the 40 or so countries worldwide that have WWOOF hosts, of the events that have unfolded, and this may result in the person(s) being put on black lists and / or denied memberships to WWOOF organizations and other organizations in future.
f) Notify the various other travel, volunteer, work, study, exchange, and other associations in different countries around the world with which we collaborate of the events that have unfolded, and this may result in the person(s) being put on black lists and / or denied access or memberships these organizations in future.
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