Caution when sending payment from your bank to our bank!

About one time in ten, when the bank that the sender uses does not calculate to ensure that the full cost of WWOOF Japan membership arrives in our account; or, when the sender does not instruct the bank that the full cost of WWOOF Japan membership must arrives in our account net, and the bank does not therefore allow for fees, we receive only part payment for membership. We cannot process memberships until we have received payment in full. Depending on the country of origin, the route the money is sent and other variables, various fees and / or commissions can be charged by your bank, our bank, and banks or financial institutions in between your bank and our bank. This is standard banking industry business the world over and your bank should have informed you of the fees applicable to send money to us. We can do nothing about this problem at our end. FAQ (frequently asked questions) Question: Hi. I received your message, that only AUD 31 made it to your bank account. How much are bank fees? Answer: We can't know how much bank fees are. International finance and funds transfer is a specialist field in "banking". We at WWOOF Japan are not a bank and do not understand this it. The cost to send money from a bank in one country to a bank another country depends on so many variables such as for example: - What country you are sending money from. - Your bank and your banks rules, policies, fee structure, etc. - The route your bank uses to transfer international funds. - Whether your bank and our bank have direct connections or whether they use an intermediary bank or banks. - If they use intermediary bank(s), what banks they use, and those banks fees. - And more. It makes no sense for us to ask our bank how much it costs for them to receive payments from your country. You are sending money to us, and in doing so you are paying your bank (and other banks including potentially our bank depending on the relationship your bank has with our bank) fees to do this transaction for you. So, it follows that you bank's role for which you are paying them a fee, is to tell you accurately how much the fees are to send your money to a given bank in a given country, and add that total fee to the amount you want to arrive net in the recipient's account. If your bank can't do that, then surely you'd better find a more competent bank. If you are unhappy with your bank (as you should be), then consider using a different means of payment. Credit card, PayPal, cash in the post. All payment options are outlined on our website at
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