Part of a family in Kyushu

Hello I just spent 2 weeks in Kyushu at host number 047. the experience was great. the host is doing a lot for wwoofer to feel at home and easy. I lived with the family, so there was a minimum privacy. just enough. as kids are really lively and want to know and share a lot, it is better that people be aware that they might be asked them more than just working, also playing with kids, watching TV together.... Honnestly , you can really feel at home there.the host took me at the sports club or to school to pick up kids really often, we went together to the elections and I spent 3 hours at school with 6 and 7 years old kids, and eating with them.So that not only the host's kids can see and talk to a gaijin, but a lot of people. the grand mother is making a really good simple countryside food.she is really great. the work is not difficult and they don't ask you too much. my only remark is. I am not really sure that farmers and I have the same idea of organic farming. I think that you need to do a more informations about what it means. no pesticide, no fertilizer..... I recommend this place to everybody who is ready to have a great experience in living in a countryside family, more than farming experience. you are not a guest but a member of the family. this kind of person will help a lot in making different people to know each others.
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