Photo, Delegates at the 2nd International WWOOF Coordinators' Conference in Japan

In October 2006, representatives from nine WWOOF groups including USA, New Zealand, Austraia, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, UK, and Japan, met in Sapporo Japan for a three day conference.  The primary thrust of the conference, as outlined in the Conference Agenda, was to debate and vote on matters towards the establishment of an International WWOOF Association (IWA).  It was hard work, compromises made, and delegates voted overwhelming in agreement to establish the IWA.  Subsequent consultations with the same WWOOF groups and other groups who could not attend the Sapporo meeting called for an IWA that would represent all WWOOF groups equally in an open and democratic forum. The interum website for this IWA can be seen at

Here is a photo of the people who attended the 2nd International WWOOF Coordinators' Conference.

Sapporo, Japan,  
29th October – 2nd November 2006

Sue Coppard:  Founder of WWOOF       
Garry Ainsworth and Maree Swan, Australia               
John van den Heuvel, Canada               
David Marie and Alexandra Denais, France               
Erica Altmann, Germany               
Alan Pink, Italy                     
Glenn and Kyoko Burns, Japan               
Andrew and Jane Strange, New Zealand           
Sue Seymour, United Kingdom           
Leo Goldsmith and Jessica Brodie, United States of America   

Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Murakami for having us all visit them for lunch and a look at their organic farm.

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