Fees to process 'underpayments'

Our website provides comprehensive information about being careful about paying when paying by bank transfer to our Australian bank account, and by other means.  At the following url is one of the explanations in the FAQ section of our website:


We charge a fee of 700 Japanese yen to do the work pertaining to fixing problems associated when people make mistakes in sending their payment to us.  The work we have to do to fix these problems includes sending extra emails back and forth to WWOOFers, sending PayPal requests for payment, manually processing various processes that are normally automated both interoffice and website based, and more.  In addition, there can be extra bank, PayPal fees, or other fees we may incur from having to have a WWOOFer payment in two parts.  We can't do this work for nothing, and we cannot absorb these costs.

Please send your payment, as outlined above.  Please be sure to send us a separate email to tell us how you paid, the date you paid, the email address you used in association with your payment, etc.

When we receive it, we can finish processing your membership.

Thanking you.
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