WWOOFer Permit

Click on the link in the WWOOFer Menu that says WWOOFer Permit, and your WWOOFer Permit will open up in a new window.

For each Host you go to you must print out one copy of your WWOOFer Permit, handwrite in pen the Host Code, the Host Name of the Host you are going to, sign and date it, and give that one completed WWOOFer Permit to each Host you go to.  The Host will not return it to you, and will keep it for their records, and to use in their monthly reporting to the WWOOF Japan office.

The WWOOFer Permit is dynamically generated from the WWOOFer profile.  It shows the type of membership you have purchased, ie., whether you are WWOOFing alone or with children, etc.  It shows your membership commencement date and expiry date, your name, date of birth, Membership Code, and other basic information about you and your membership.

You must either have a personal photo of yourself in your profile that will print out on your WWOOFer Permit, or, you must have an official form of personal ID in your profile that will print out on your WWOOFer Permit.  If you do not provide either a photo or a form of official personal ID, then your WWOOFer permit will be invalid.  If you provide both photo and personal ID, then only the photo will print out on your WWOOFer Permit. Photos must show your entire face unencumbered, along lines typically stipulated for passport photos.  If a Host cannot see your identity in the photo in your WWOOFer Permit, they will not accept you.

When you arrive at a Host, ensure you show your passport to the Host to verify your identity shown on your WWOOFer Permit.

The new WWOOFer Permit superceedes the old WWOOFer Membership Card.
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