Hours of help a day

On average, hosts ask WWOOFers to help for approximately 6 hours per day, in return for meals, accommodation, learning about the work the host does, and being included as a member of the family or group.  Most hosts live a six day week. The number of hours help a day can vary from host to host, and can depend on the time of year. Some hosts ask WWOOFers to help less than 6 hours.  In can be on occasion that a host might ask WWOOFers to help more than 6 hours a day, and in return offer extra support to the WWOOFer by taking them somewhere of interest, or lending them their car on days off, or giving them extra time off at another time, or having a party to celebrate the things achieved, or something else to give the WWOOFer more in return.  The most important thing is that WWOOFers feel they obtained value for the time they spent with a host.  And the same vise versa; a host must feel that it was valuable having the WWOOFer with them.

We have hundreds of WWOOFers each month, and with rare exception the feedback we get from our WWOOFers is positive.

It is absolutely unacceptable for WWOOFers to be treated as mere labor. We are in constant contact with our hosts in an effort to make sure that they are mindful that WWOOFers must after being with them feel they learned something, that WWOOFers are made to feel part of their family or group, and that in general terms good experiences are shared between WWOOFers and hosts.  WWOOFers do report to us if they feel that have not been well looked after at a host, and we follow up such claims with hosts. We have hundreds of hosts and overwhelmingly they are good people genuinely interested in the lives, concerns and well being of WWOOFers.

We ask WWOOFers to report to us any experiences they have with hosts that they feel are inappropriate.  And hosts too, report to us problems they have with WWOOFers.

Good WWOOFing!
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