Bank fees to send money

Excuse me,I have one more question about the payment: I want to pay by transfering from bank to bank,but I don't know if the bank of Australia takes handling charge or not.If it takes,please tell me how much it takes,so that I can transfer enough to there.By the way,I am from R.O.C.Taiwan.Thank you for your hearing.

Thank you for your mail.
The Commonwealth Bank does take charges, and some banks in between take charges too.  And the sending bank takes charges.  We don't know how much.   It is the job of the sending bank to know this and to inform you, their customer, the payee, of this information.  It is a pity that so many banks so often either don't know, or don't tell their customer, or tell their customer incorrect information.

The amount in fees taken by the Commonwealth Bank, and other banks in between changes depending on the bank you use to send.

We wish we could help you more, but we can't comprehensively know the banking industry worldwide.

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