No Receipts

No Receipts.

In regard to receipts.

The company you use to pay - typically PayPal or bank transfer - will provide your with a receipt. That is the job that PayPal and banks, as Payment Platform and Money Transfer Service providers perform, and for which they charge you and / or WWOOF Japan a commission fee to do. The same goes for the post office money transfer system ‘yubin furikomi’ in Japan, via the proof of receipt of funds docket that Japan Post issues.

In the case of PayPal and bank transfer, you can type in a message with your payment, for example: ‘WWOOF’, or ‘WWO Jap’, or ‘WJ fee’.

The message you are asked to send to us to tell us that you have paid, will augment the receipt or proof of receipt of funds docket.

Unfortunately, we can no longer survive by using a system in which all aspects of WWOOFers' and hosts’ applications and payments are processed manually by WWOOF Japan staff persons. We have had to innovate and reallocate resources.

The manual tasks we are doing are focused on areas that we identify to directly relate to maximising the wherewithal for both hosts and WWOOFers to share quality experiences. WWOOF is to be a means to learning and mutually rewarding life experiences. A central aspect is following-up promptly and in much detail all WWOOFer and host contacts regarding problems experienced in relation to WWOOFing.

It’s important to note that this is not always the case in WWOOF. In some WWOOF countries, it is not uncommon for there to be zero person-to-person contact between the WWOOF admin office and some hosts over periods of years.

For these reasons we at the WWOOF Japan office do not provide receipts. It is one of the changes we have had to implement in order to cope with the transformations being driven by new internet technologies. We ask for your positive understanding, and thank you for it.

In anticipation of complaints that include a view that: 1. we are obliged to give receipts; or 2. the internet has made it easier to run WWOOF.; or 3. the internet has made us more financially viable. These assumptions are misguided; none of them are true.

1a. Our first obligation is to keep WWOOF in Japan going.

1b. And to keep it functioning well, with a priority towards seeing that there is a quality of experience for both hosts and WWOOFers.

1c. It makes no sense to duplicate receipts that are anyway provided by PayPal, banks and post offices, and consequently to allow the quality of WWOOF to fall.

1d. We cannot provide receipts for the amount you pay. From PayPal, we receive money that you sent, less PayPal’s commission. In the case of bank transfer and Japan Post, we cannot give you a receipt for the fees you pay them.

1e. Finally, and importantly, in the new internet world, we are a service provider; we are not a payment platform.

2. The advent of the internet has reduced the freedom we have in the way we administer WWOOF. But we cannot fight it. It is the way the world is now. We must adapt.

3a. The costs of producing and maintaining technology including website, software and databases are substantial. And it is never ending. New technologies begin to become obsolete in approx two years. Usually within approx two years of paying to have a major update that typically takes years to complete, we begin paying for yet another update.

3b. There are bugs associated with internet technology, usually multiple times a week. So we have to pay for 24/7 tech support to be available to fix bug problems immediately they occur.

Having read this, we hope you understand our policy regarding receipts. It is one of many decisions we have made and are making ongoing, in order to keep WWOOF going in Japan, and to keep quality high.

Good WWOOFing!
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