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Hi, I stayed with 2 hosts in Kyushu from October- January. First I lived 3 weeks with a host in Kumamoto-ken. I had a really amazing time here and the host "family" was incredibly nice and generous, work was great I took care of pigs, chickens and goats mornings and afternoons. The rest of the time i spent with host 052, in Nichinan Miyazaki-ken. A wonderful woman with many friends.Work was different everyday, mostly garden work such a s cutting bammboo trees and grass.The host tought me Kikou every morning, i still do it everyday now when I'm back in Europe. My health is much better these days thanks to the time as a wwofer. Apart from farmig and growing organic vegetables I learned a lot about culture and japanese cooking. I now plan to go to Japan again, and explore Hokkaido as a wwoofer. I made many Japanese friends all over the country. This was a really good way to explore Japan!! Thanks a lot for all the help from the wwoof office that I was given via email before and after I arrived in Japan. regards
(female, from Sweden)
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