Hello minnasan,

Hello minnasan, I would like to thank wwoof japan for the good experience I had this summer. I would like to say that was the fist time for me joining wwoofing, and I was a little worried about it. I have also to say that my decision to come to japan as wwoofer was a last minute decision, but when I wrote to some of hosts I wanted to go, they replied me very quickly. So although I decided my trip in the last moment I found many hosts happy to share the wwoofing experience and to host me in japan. So I could organize my stay in japan in about two weeks. It was not my first time in japan, but I didn't know at all the rural japan, but after this beautiful experience I know some others interesting japan way of life aspects. I stayed totally 3 weeks. I went in two different places, both in Nagano-ken.  The first one was host 150 the nakamura farm, where I spent only three days and I met a french boy. I changed to the  host 156.  After the first three days I didn't know what to expect from zig zag people. But after just the very first moment I met the new host, FUJIO , SETSUKO  his wife, JA JA the dog and all the staff (other wwoofers), I felt sourrended by joyful, open minded and cheerful people.  Setsuko and Fujio ran a pension, a cozy and nice place and they ran it with passion for their job but I think especially for the people they meet. It was really a wonderful experience for me , I shared my personal life experience and cultural difference with them. Of course I worked but I did without feeling it..... I spent days and evenings chatting with Fujiosan and his friend, with setsuko I laughed inside the kichten and outside while drinking some (not very good) italian wine.  I spoke to many different people that saw me for the first time. The Yanagidaira family made my stay perfect.  I liked everything I made, (OK let's say almost :) ) and my 18 days in zig zag pension ended too early but enriched me as no other holidays before. Definitely I'll repeat it.  I wanted to thank you for the chance you gave  me to meet such extraordinary people, the Yanagidaira family who understood very well the spirit of wwoofing and allowed me to understand as well.  I would reccommend this place to everybody.  Please let zigzag pension let know my feedback, just to thank them again.
(female, from Italy)
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