Printing WWOOFer Permit problems?

If you are having trouble printing the WWOOFer Permit, please try the following:

- Check your printer settings, such as;
  Is the printer plugged into your computer?
  Is the printer plugged into mains power?
  Do you have the requisite printer driver installed in your computer for the printer you are using?
  Check the ink levels in your printer.
  Check the head alignment of your printer.
  Check the paper size your printer is set to print at.
  Check the percentage settings in your printer software.

- The WWOOFer Permit was designed to print in A4, but it will too print ok on US Legal size paper.
- If your problems persist, then you might try changing the settings in your printer to print "A4".
- When experiencing problems on your computer and printer, you might try a different computer and printer, such as one at your work place, or a friends' computer.
- If you don't have personal access to an alternate computer and printer, go to your local library or an internet cafe.

Good WWOOFing.

Kind regards,
The team at WWOOF Japan
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