Email problems contacting us?

If you are having problems sending emails to or receiving emails from WWOOF Japan, here are explanations as to why this might be the case:

1) If you are using a mobile phone to send and receive email (most all mobile phones are email able in Japan), then it may be that your phone has a limit to the number of characters in an email that it is able to accept.

2) Often, people write to us to an incorrect email address. Please use the Contact Form on our website.

3) Be sure to type in your correct email address when you write to us. Sometimes people type into our Contact Form an incorrect, or an old email address. Naturally, when this sender error occurs, the sender will not be able to receive the replies we send to them.

4) It may be that your email account is full, and therefore, is blocking new email sent to you. Free email accounts such as hotmail, yahoo, etc., sometimes have a limit to the number of mails that you can have stored in your account with them. Please check this. You might have to delete some of your existing emails in order to be able to receive new emails.

5) Check the 'Junk' or 'Trash' folder in your email. It may be that there are spam settings in the computer you are using that have resulted in our emails to you being automatically sent to the Junk or Trash folder.

6) It may be because the automatic settings in the machines with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or if you use your own private domain name and hosting, your Hosting Provider, are for some reason, set to deem email from WWOOF Japan as Junk mail, and are trashing that mail, so that you don't receive mail from WWOOF Japan. There can be all sorts of factors that these automated processes use to judge that email is junk, such as an email having a url in it, or certain words in the email message, etc. Please contact your ISP or Hosting Service provider to find out, and as is appropriate, ask them to change their settings in their machines that are associated with your email account pertaining to processing emails to and from our WWOOF Japan domain name.

If you are sending us emails but not hearing back from us, or, if you are sending emails to us but finding those emails bounce back saying 'unsent', then please try the following:
1. First, send us an email via the Contact Form on our website.
2. Then, if in the unlikely case that you find the Contact Form on our website does not work for you, then, please send us a fax to +81 3 4496-6370.
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