Health matters

If you are sick, or have a permanent illness, then you should probably not join WWOOF Japan. Hosts will be reluctant to accept WWOOFers who are sick or have permanent illness.

We can't begin to know and keep up with health matters in Japan that might pertain to foreign nationals coming to Japan.  Therefore, please direct your inquiries to your local doctor who will have international health resources to reference to answer your questions and concerns regarding your health while in Japan.

Alternately, here is the url to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website that may have information to assist you:

Also, here below is the website address for WHO, the World Health Organisation:

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Q.  hello, i will be traveling to japan to wwoof in april and may and was wondering what the risk of japanese encephalitis is?
A.  We don't know.  Please research the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare above, or WHO, and consult your doctor.

Q.  I love travel and learning but my problem is I have polio on my right leg but I can walk ,run and play badminton and can help my mom to work in our garden. I think I can work in the other garden too but I 'm not sure that will be o.k. Pls.let me know.
A.  We can be sure how you will go with Polio while in Japan.  It can be hard being in a foreign place when you are sick.  How will climate, diet and other differences affect you if you come to Japan?  We just don't know.  Please consult your doctor.
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