What will I get if I join WWOOF Japan?

A genuine adventure in Japan awaits those who hold a Japan WWOOFer Permit -- a unique and enriching experience at a fraction of the cost of a typical holiday! You will get:
1. Your own WWOOFer Permit valid for one year plus 6 months bonus beriod.
2. Your own ID and Password protected access to the members section of our website.
3. Online access to hundreds of Hosts spread all over Japan.
4. E-mail support from us at WWOOF Japan.
5. Details on each host including; the kind of people they are, some content on their values and motivations, what they do, what kind of people they prefer as WWOOFers, how to get there, whether or not they will meet WWOOFers at nearby public transport, how they want to be contacted, if they are a farm what they grow and some information on their methods, the work that WWOOFers will be asked to do, what WWOOFers should bring with them (ie. types of clothing, etc.), how long WWOOFers can stay, how many WWOOFers can stay simultaneously, some information about the surrounding area, whether or not children are accepted, whether or not they accept WWOOFers all year round, whether or not English and or Japanese language ability is necessary, whether or not they smoke, information on the food they eat and more.
6. Japanese language study material.
7. The benefits of safety that result from the care we take in monitoring applications from both WWOOFers and Hosts, and the regular contact we maintain with our hosts.

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