What about safety among other WWOOFers?

In an effort to make the safest environment we can for WWOOFers, and to monitor the same, we work hard to make sure all people who go WWOOFing are current members.  When our hosts as they do, tell us of people trying to go WWOOFing without a membership, we communicate with the offenders concerned insisting they pay a penalty for each person involved in the wrongdoing, that they become WWOOF Japan members, and commit NOT to ignore WWOOFing rules in future.  When an offender refuses to cooperate in a manner we deem proper, we cancel and / or reject their membership, and we inform all host about them asking them NOT to accept the individual as a WWOOFer.  By doing this, we hope to deter would be dishonest people from WWOOFing in Japan, so that the other 99.9% of WWOOFers who do the right thing, are more likely to have a safe and untroubled experience.  Our inquiries have shown us that a person who cheats on membership is more likely to cheat on a fellow WWOOFer or a host, than persons who follow our membership rules and become members.  If something does go wrong involving a person who is a member, we can endeavor to use the information provided in the individual's application form to follow the matter up with them, or to report the matter to authorities, but when the person is not a member, we obviously cannot.   Should you meet a person WWOOFing without a membership, or a WWOOFer behaving in a way that seems to you improper, please do let us know (discretely if you like), and we will follow up.
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