Turning off or holding up a WWOOFer's membership

From time to time the WWOOF office will ask a WWOOFer about their actions, and / or hold up processing their membership, and / or temporary deactivate their membership, and / or cancel their membership.   The reasons why this is done include:

- The WWOOFer ignoring WWOOF rules.
- The WWOOFer communicating to the WWOOF office or hosts in a rude, arrogant or threatening tone.
- The WWOOFer not replying to communications from the WWOOF office.
- The information that the WWOOFer gives to the WWOOF office being incongruent with what the WWOOFer has communicated to hosts (and that hosts have relayed to the WWOOF office).
- Information hosts have provided about the WWOOFer.

The WWOOF office works to take the time to study carefully what a WWOOFer has communicated to hosts and to compare that with what the WWOOFer has communicated to the WWOOF office.
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