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We have scores of hosts in most all parts of Japan offering a rich diversity of experience and adventure, including organic farming, health and healing centers, pottery and arts, building and restoring traditional homesteads, organic restaruants, martial arts, dealing with animals, Japanese tea house, pension in ski fields area, eco village, brewing and production of foods, fishing, bee keeping, nature guide centre, centers for the environment, sea kayaking, and more. In addition, a particular experience in a particular place (ie., a specific Japanese art near Osaka) can be found as result a host introducing a WWOOFer to a neighbour, or friend. We recommend that people do not join us if they want only one thing in one place in what could be called a kind of "off the shop shelf" manner. For people who seek this, we recommend that they buy exactly that, an off the shelf package tour of some kind, where they will be a paying customer and can demand all is exactly what they have paid for. WWOOFing is about finding out what is for the taking, about learning and exchanging between hosts and WWOOFers. In Japanese social terms, the forming of warm relationships with people can lead to many other quality relationships and learning.
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