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Date: 2007年7月23日 17:14:19:JST
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Subject: Re: Debbie      Re: WWOOF Japan: Host Rules

Dear WWOOF Japan

Thank you for such a comprehensive reply and explanation of how
WWOOF Japan monitors both WWOOF and host.

Your organisation is impressive and we will be in contact closer to
the date we anticipate WWOOFing in Japan to pay our membership.

Kind regards

Quoting WWOOF Japan <> on Sat, 21 Jul 2007
06:50:27 +0900:

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for your mail.  We work closely with all
our hosts to see
that they understand and practice, that they must
work to see that
WWOOFers are happy and have meaningful learning
experiences while
WWOOFing at their place.   All hosts report to us
monthly about the
individual WWOOFers they have had and plan to have
next month, the
work the WWOOFers did, any problems experienced,
and more.  This
degree of attention to detail is unheard of in
most other WWOOF
organisations, many organisations are in contact
with their hosts
just once a year to take payment from them, and if
there are
complaints.   We do have rules and criteria for
hosts and we are
monitoring hosts on a monthly basis.   The
explanation we have on
each hosts is comprehensive, some up to one page
long.   You can see
some of this degree of detail in the Preview
Section of our
website.   Having this much detail will help you
the WWOOFer know a
lot about the place you are going to.  Many other
WWOOF organisations
have just a few lines, a phone number, name and

Please have a look at our website at
http://www.wwoofjapan.com and
see information on what a WWOOF Japan membership
will give you.   We
have hundreds of hosts all over Japan and are
adding new hosts each
week.  And our hosts represent a rich diversity of
experience and
adventure, examples of some of those being,
organic farming, health
and healing centers, pottery and arts, building
and restoring
traditional homesteads, timber working places,
organic restaruants,
martial arts, dealing with animals, Japanese tea
house, pension in
ski fields area, eco village, brewing and
production of foods,
fishing, bee keeping, nature guide centre, centers
for the
environment, sea kayaking, and more.

You can view a preview of our hosts on our
website.  You can join and
pay online via our website.    You can join now
and get full
membership details now, but stipulate a date in
the future of your
choice from when you want your membership period
to begin, and
thereby have time to write to places that you
think you might like,
to make plans before your membership period
begins.  Members have
access to bilingual forms (English and Japanese)
to use to contact

Regarding visas, most people from overseas come
WWOOFing in Japan
using a normal tourist visa.  WWOOFing is a means
of travel allowing
members to meet local people and experience and
learn local
lifestyles.  You must NOT join WWOOF with a view
to get work, get a
visa, earn money, and the like.   Neither the
WWOOF Japan office, nor
our hosts can assist in any way regarding visa

Even if you are just wanting a means to network
with people in Japan,
or think you might use WWOOF for just a day or
two, or are planning
to stay in cities mostly, or only until you make
other plans, you
might consider joining in order to network and
learn of resources and
opportunities, to find places to stay while
traveling between cities,
you might find a ride from one place to another
though one of our
hosts, etc.   Most hosts will pick up WWOOFers
from nearby public
transport and we do have hosts close to cities,
Tokyo for example.
Realize that it costs just 5,500 yen to join us
for one whole year -
that's about 55 US dollars, 68 Australian,  40
Euros which is the
cost of a pizza in Japan, just one night at a
pension.   And in terms
of finding access to longer term resources,
learning language, the
culture, food production, cooking and other things
Japanese in Japan
there can be few better situations than living
with a Japanese family
who are likely to take a personal interest in your
aspirations.   Ask
yourself to what extent will you have genuine and
experiences in Tokyo or Osaka amongst the
MacDonalds burger joints
and tourist traps with a million other lost
foreign travelers.  If
you spend even just a day or two WWOOFing it would
be the best 55 US
dollars you would have spent on your travels.

To help us find your mail in the hundreds of SPAM
mail we get each
day, write your name and WWOOF Japan in the
Subject of your e-mail;
Ie.  "Tom Smith to WWOOF Japan".   If you don't
want to write you
name, then at least write the words "WWOOF Japan".
 As you will by
now know, we at the WWOOF Japan office conduct all
with WWOOFers and Hosts via e-mail, and we do not
use the telephone.

Please let us know if you require any other
information or support.
++++Get below the veneer of tourism & away from
your daily
grind and have genuine experiences with life in

WWOOF Japan team

On 21/07/2007, at 12:11 AM, Debbie wrote:

This is an enquiry e-mail via

http://www.wwoofjapan.com/main from:

Debbie <>

Hi WWOOF Japan
Thanks for such an informative web site.  We

have WWOOFed at approx

13 farms in Central and South America and

Europe.  We understand

the necessity for the WWOOF rules and are happy

to abide by them.

However, it has been our experience that the

hosts do not sometimes

describe their farm or work accurately.   This

can lead to

confusion when WWOOFers are asked to help with

non farm

activities.  Do you have rules for hosts or how

do you manage hosts

who are just looking for free labour ?  We are

keen to have a

learning experience that is two way.
Appreciate your advice
Thanks and regards

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