Are hosts monitored?

We work closely with all our hosts to see that they understand and practice, that they must work to see that WWOOFers are happy and have meaningful learning experiences while WWOOFing at their place.   All hosts report to us monthly about the individual WWOOFers they have had and plan to have next month, the work the WWOOFers did, any problems experienced, and more.  This degree of attention to detail is unheard of in most other WWOOF organisations, many organisations are in contact with their hosts just once a year to take payment from them, and if there are complaints.   We do have rules and criteria for hosts and we are monitoring hosts on a monthly basis.   The explanation we have on each hosts is comprehensive, some up to one page long.   You can see some of this degree of detail in the Preview Section of our website.   Having this much detail will help you the WWOOFer know a lot about the place you are going to.  Many other WWOOF organisations have just a few lines, a phone number, name and address.
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