Notes about WWOOFing, about WWOOFers and about Hosts (A Code Of Conduct for Hosts and WWOOFers)

WWOOFing is about making it possible for people from diverse backgrounds to meet and collaborate in meaningful ways, especially about issues fundamental to life, to learn about art, food, health, and to learn about Japan, the people, culture and language.

WWOOFing is not a free workforce for Hosts, nor is it a free holiday for WWOOFers. A mutually rewarding balance must be found, by the Host and the WWOOFer concerned, between the two undesirable extremes. The sharing of work, learning skills, and experiencing new lifestyles are key elements. We are in regular communication with our Hosts on numerous matters including encouraging them to consider carefully the Host description they have provided.

Hosts are instructed that they should be willing to spend time with WWOOFers on a daily basis to give support and information on the work they do at their place, and that they ask WWOOFers to do.

Hosts know that WWOOFers should be given some spare time to be able to discover local surroundings and culture.

WWOOFers should always remember that you a visitor in the Host's place. WWOOFers are not customers.

WWOOFers are visiting people who belong to a culture which is likely to be different from your own, not only in terms of history and language, but in terms of the values and priorities they hold dear.

This represents an opportunity for learning in a genuine and grass roots fashion that is not easily found elsewhere.

Our Hosts are diverse in terms of the work they do, the places they are situated, and the kinds of people they are. WWOOFers should read the entry on each Host thoroughly and work to choose a Host that represents most what it is you want to learn, and what skills you have to give. Apply yourself to relating with the people at the Host you go to. And remember, if after you have given it your best, the Host you are at does not feel right for you, you can always give reasonable notice to leave, and go to another Host.

Should a WWOOFer feel that he or she has not been treated fairly, or, that a Host has not genuinely had a give-and-take attitude to WWOOFers, then the WWOOFer should contact the WWOOF Japan office immediately, and we will follow the matter up.

If a Host is shown to be treating WWOOFers improperly, then they will be removed from the WWOOF Japan list of Hosts.
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