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Tohoku area
We urgently need WWOOFer's help at our associate ranch, the Golden Horse Ranch, from July to September. The work involves helping out in the herb garden in the beautiful landscape of the coastline, as well as assisting with the running of the stable.
Japan's first Golden Horse was born here at the Golden Horse Ranch just recently at the end of May 2019, so you have a rare chance at glimpsing history in the making!

You are welcome from April 01 2019. we need your help from APRIL 01 to end-November for farming. Nagaimo(Yam) is good for cancer! Japanese honey bee honey is good medicine. You can enjoy the sense of wonder through Japanese honey bee. Try and experience it with us!
Kanto area
Kanto area
Kyushu area
Kyushu area
we live in the moutains of fukuoka
we management spanish restaurant and make ham and sausage.
lets enjoy together in the moutains life.
Kyushu area
I don't speak English .
Tohoku area
We need some help for farming, but also related to our retreats and workshops too.
Please have a look our danavillage website too.
We need WWOOFers throughout most of the year though! So any help is appreciated.
Tohoku area
Today is 21th July.
please help me!
I sprit woods by machine now.
I hope finish sprit woods till early November.
I am scheduled to burn the woods kiln next spring.
please let me know immediately!
Tohoku area
Chubu area
Chubu area
If you are interesting in agriculture,Japanese culture,Manga, please send a mail.
There is free wi-fi here.
Chubu area
We have opened guesthouse&cafe at TAKAYAMA on March 2015.
We are looking for the person interested in guesthouse&cafe.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Chubu area
Let's enjoy farming!
*CLOSE from Dec to Feb
Chubu area
Hi! We are looking for wwoofers, staying at least 1 week. Also long-term wwoofers over 3 months welcome!
We have vege garden and orchard, 3 min away by car(10 min on foot) from our main house. Wwoofers have an independent own accomodation. Located in a quiet place in a country side. There are a lot places to see around for your day off, such as Onsen(hot spring bath), old town nearby. We need your help at our farm, renovating on farm house. I can speak some English, no difficulties to communicate. If you would like to learn Japanese, happy to help you.
If you are interested with us, please feel free to contact and ask more details!
Chubu area
I live in the middle of Japan. A big town nearby is Nagoya. It is convenient to go anywhere in Japan. Would you like to grow and study fruits and vegetables? Fruits are mainly grapes. We cultivate 20 kinds of Japanese vegetables per year. Why do not you interact with local people and experience Japanese culture and customs?


Check out my SNS page down below ↓↓↓
Chubu area
Looking for woofers for harvesting! Welcome to the person or group who help us to harvest rice and other crops.
Kanto area
We are new organic farmers.We have many natural works.Please help us and enjoy with us!
We looking for a wwoofer who can join during summer .
We are small professional farmer to grow over 50 variety vegetables .
Our family is very friendly and open mind.
Farm work is variety and hard、but wwoofer will be able to enjoy it.
A wwoofer likes cooking,welcome.
Please bring your working rain wears and your working rain boots.
We are looking forward to meet you and work with you!
Thank you!
Kanto area
We are running the Tanigawa-dake Raspberry Youth Hostel.
We have no employees, the only management is our family.
It is a very small Youth Hostel, located in a rural area.

We are looking for female WWOOFers.
We accept women who are over 20 years old and early 30s.
We would prefer WWOOFers who can understand at least a little Japanese.

We prefer to accept WWOOFers for more than 2 weeks, so we can have enough time to get to know each other. The first week is a trial period, and then if both of us are amendable, you can continue to stay for a longer period.

WWOOFers can visit the Onsen (natural hot spring bath) everyday.
※Can you get up at six in the morning?

A wide variety of guests visit from all around the world.
You can have the opportunity to talk with guests of all different nationalities.
In the evening I am having fun with many guests. If there are people who want to communicate with foreigners, please apply.

If you have any problems with your stay, please let us know. You are free to end your stay at anytime.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask.

KANTO area,
Gunma prefecture
Kanto area
This is a strawberry garden in Takumi no Sato, Gunma Prefecture!
It is located in a rich natural environment where the countryside is really beautiful, and there are many orchards including apples.

Operates strawberry garden and outdoor businesses.

There are many ways to help, for those who are interested in Japanese strawberries or who love to talk to people. Anyone curious is welcome.

The acceptance period is basically at least two weeks. Because if it's short, it's over very quickly, and this doesn't give you much experience.
However, there may be cases where we do not fit, so in that case, you can round up shortly.

For the time being, after a stay of about two weeks, long-term stays are possible if you care about each other.
If you don't like this, you don't have to stay as planned.

Growing strawberries is fun.

Winter is cold, but inside the greenhouse is hot if it is warm and sunny.
It is really fun to have customers eat strawberries that they have cared for and raised. Recently, foreigners have come to pick strawberries. If you can speak English, I would like to ask you for guidance of strawberry garden.

Various people come to pick strawberries every day!
If you want to talk, serve strawberry desserts, or love strawberries, please apply.
Chugoku area
A perfect starry sky is seen by a firefly and winter in early summer at the place where we live.
A field, 5 anti-limit, organic agriculture is being done by raising outdoors.
Field in general work of seeding, weeding and harvesting for wwoofer, please.
Chugoku area
WE are located on the hill in Furano, Hokkaido.
we need someone who can help us to rebuilt guest house which was destroyed last year wind.
and also sometime cafe work, general house keeping, childcare our 7and 3year old boy,if you can play baseball with them?
or someone who can harvest potato, pumpkins, construction work and make organic fertilizer.
please just send a request mail! we'll show you what wwoofers do at our place on website or find us on fb cafe beberui.
or shinji kitaura
I can speak English a little and My wife is native French speaker. Both like travel and want to know about your experiences.We accepted many country wwoofers.

We do NOT accept the following wwoofer sorry.
- for sightseeing
- to study Japanese
- group wwoofing (more than 3 people)

We expect people that be interested in organic farming, sustainable lifestyle and work with us firmly.
I give priority to the person who wants to study organic farming.

So enjoy organic farming together!
My farm is in the northern part of Hokkaido and faces the Sea of Okhotsk. My farm has supported many WWOOFERs since I started hosting in 2008. The farm work will give you many good experiences. While on the job, you'll have the chance to make homemade ice cream, butter, caramel jam, and more. The area around the farm is nice for walking and cycling. At mealtimes, everyone helps cook. I would love to have you visit.Currently now, We want to help some wwoofers. 
We are looking for people who can stay between September 1 and November.
From The Furano Area, Hokkaido
There are spinach and potato harvesting and various tasks. And close to the mountains, nature and hot springs.
It's a good place to relax on your day off. You can eat a lot of vegetables that you have reaped.
Tell us about your country.
I look forward to your help until around November.
Please contact us.

h3535  ちにた・ふぁ~む  田中です。
       Chinitafarm TANAKA

From The Furano Area, Hokkaido
There are spinach and potato harvesting and various tasks. And close to the mountains, nature and hot springs.
It's a good place to relax on your day off. You can eat a lot of vegetables that you have reaped.
Tell us about your country.
I look forward to your help until around November.
Please contact us.

h3535  ちにた・ふぁ~む  田中です。
       Chinitafarm TANAKA

Please help from September 1st. On holidays, relax with autumn leaves and hot springs. Let's have fun together.
Enjoy the farm life or slow us with the majestic wilderness in Furano.
We accept from April to November.
We do the workshop of the photography and are managing a hotel, too.You can learn photography from us.
If you are a foreigner, scholastic attainments at the third class level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test are necessary to work with us.
We hope to be able to stay at our hotel for one month or more.
Please look for another if it is a short period within three weeks.
Mr. woofer The person who can be an interpreter and the person who can do general business at a pension.
Japanese can be learned.
Let's see the sights of a holiday together.
Now, on the farm pasture, we have 4 calves with mom cow, and pig baby coming soon! We need help for cows(hand milking and make milk jam, cheese so on) and pigs, farming, weeding, make composting, take care green house, fence work, make fire woods, building shellter, cooking and house keeping and clearning, so on.
You will learn some of the Biodynamic techniques and organic techniques.April, May, If possible, you can come on a long term, a tough person who can speak English, welcome to come!
Here is the only Korean restaurant in this area.
All foods are handmade and some materials are import from Korea.
( I try to use organic foods as much as possible now)
Now it opened about 3 years.
I have some plans which is to run small inn and to farm.
But I don't have enough time to do these.
So I'd like wwoofer to help me so that my plan go well.
You can learn Korean foods and Korean langeage as well.
You can enjoy with my children.
Also, I'm seeking for the person who can teach English or French to them.
helping in the kitchen . january. february.
We have many kinds of works!!
Dish wosher,Clean up,Operation standby,Back yard,something like that.
So if you can not speak Japanese now, its no problem for us at all !!
Acutualy, we are so busy term from augst to october cause very good season in Hokkaido, we need some wwooffers help!!
There are very kindness and helpful staffs we are, and some staffs can speak English.
We are really waiting for woofer who is very interested in life in country side of Japan.
Come on and Let's enjoy life in Hokkaido together!!
Hokkaido is the best place in Japan I think!!
I'm growing over 200 kinds of veggiees.
oganizing kid's camp, cooking school and like that.
want the person is free and can enjoy everything.

I will welcome anyone.
But I will refuse anyone who sends requests more than one host at once.
if you contact me please be serious about wanting to come.

When I expect the wwoofers will come, I may refuse other wwoofers. But some wwoofers sent requests to many hosts at once are so easy to cancel.
Hello, my name is Masayuki (Max) of h21555.
We are in In Niseko, beautiful countryside of Hokkaido and looking for WWOOFers.

**WWOOFable season**
Summer: From mid June to end of October.
Winter: From mid December to mid April

**Your stay period**
Summer: 10 days - 2 weeks (Please be flexible!)
Winter: 3 months (minimum 6 weeks or longer)

We are Japanese family running unique old-schoolhouse hostel near Niseko range - Mt Yotei national park. We need hands for our operation - house cleaning, kitchen hands, house-sitting, gardening etc. During your WWOOFing, you may enjoy great nature, food, hot springs and lots of Japanese cultures. We are very happy to help your Japanese language study. Our kids are very friendly and helpful too!
In summer, cycling and trekking are nice for your free time, but just sitting outside on the wood deck and relax with the mountain view is cool.
In winter, you will have free access to ski resorts and free chairlifts. It is great chance to stay whole season in amazing snow wonderland. You may enjoy skiing and snowboading on beautiful powder snow with other WWOOFers and my family!

Please make sure uploading your ID photo (showing your face clearly) on your profile before applying to us. Then please explain your experience, skill and what you are good at. We can only accept WWOOFers who are proficient in English or Japanese.
We try to reply your enquiry within 3 days but sometimes it may take longer. In that case, please do not hesitate reminding us!
Looking forward to seeing you.
We're in the best season in hokkaido.we're looking forward to meet you in September.
Please come and help us!

We live in the place the four seasons are very beautiful with our cows and other animals. We are looking forward to having a good time with you! We want to learn English.

Notice to WWOOFers from overseas.
We want to receive WWOOFers who have been in Japan for at least one week, before coming to our place.
The reason for this, is towards the prevention of infectious diseases to our farm animals from overseas, such as foot-and-mouth disease.
We appreciate your understanding.
Welcome to Shiretoko.
We are waiting for the contact of those who are interested in nature and japanese.
We will start work of the field from May, so staying with two people at all times is the best as we go with the restaurant.
Since the work of the restaurant requires experience, wwoofer who can stay for a long time wishes.
I need your help for dairyfarming,cooking,playing with my daughter,and so on. If it's possible,we are wellcome to Japanese speaker.
We run a pension and a restaurant surrounded by beautiful flowers and forests. Let's work and have fun together!
Hi please visit people who love mountain hiking, camping,canoe,in winter back country ski. Also who love cats and dog, animals.
Very quiet and calm place to stay with good view. Enjoy chatting with my family.
Free range chicken、broccoli,mini-tomato,pumpkin, mainly help us.
Nature lover please visit. Very quiet and calm free space here.
We are accepting immediately! Why don't we spend winter together in Yakumo town in Hokkaido?
Now it's the winter season.
We need some help for our daily routine jobs.

Are you interested in coming to Eastern Hokkaido?
Teshikaga town is surrounded by beautiful lakes, hot springs and mountains.
It's normally sunny in winter. You can enjoy beautiful nature everyday.
We can accept both long term and short term stay. Please message me if you are interested.
Kansai area
My town Ichijima has been known as " organic village" which has a long history in organic agriculture. !st organic organization,Ichijima Organic Agriculture I belong to was establsihed in 1975. We joined into host member of \wWOOF recently. My farm is integrated livestock(free range chickens) and veges.and produced over 40 vriety of vegetables over the year in teikei system (similar to CSA).
Beside farming, I also participate in several national as well as international acitivities in organic. such as IFOAM, JOAA and etc.
I practice yoga almost every day and karate in shotokan style on Wednesday.You can join into training as you wish.
Basically, we want to meet with wwoofers who are willing to learn about organic agriculture as well as Japanese culture,religion, politics,educaiton as well as economy and society. We want to enjoy conversation and also want to bring something in you so that we can learn from you even. We do not want visitors without clear motivations or obejctives in visiting Japan.
I am not orginally from this village. I was born in Hiroshima. Spending time in Brazil and US in my high school days, learning oriental value in India through Gandians, walking from Tokyo to Hiroshima myself and being inpired by fukuoka nature farming,I established my farm after working in consumer cooperative in 1989. I really love organic agriculture and want to let more people to understand meaning of organic farming. I want to help expanding organic globally. I love Asian tradion, buddism, gandhian philosophy, ecological concept, tradional martial art, and yoga, Zen art and manga.
We want to accept people from everywhere, do not worry though not speaking Japanese, we can speak English and explain you when you want to know Japanese history, culture, religion,politics and ecomy but We do not accept following wwoofers as we have learned from bitter experiences in the past.
1,Late sleeper.
In any seasons, life in the farm start early. During winter time, I do yoga and in summer time, we start working early. We do not want those who always staying late at night or do not come on time in the morning. We do not want those who come back midnight in day-off or working with computer really late at night when every body in the house have already selpt. Main room where everybody come together will close at 10pm.
2, Dirty visitor.
We do not want those who have never clean dirty clothes and do not mind clothes being sweaty when other people do not want to be close to you. We do not want those who do not take shower for a long time. Or spreading garbage, leaving empty cans, leaving wetty bath mat, leaving cap of the toilet open,staying in the room with dusty working clothes bringing dusts into the room or house from the field.
3, Silent claimer
Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions when you feel that you are not comfortable. we do not care whether person is talktive or quiet but we do not want those who do not satisfied but stay quiet and complain later.We also do not want apathetic person who just visit farm to spend time or not interested in Japanese culture and coming to farm to pass the time. waster
We do not waste food and this is the principle of my orgnaic farm. We grow rice, eggs and vegetables with special care. We will be disappointed when wwoofers leave the food without any excuse or pick up many food on the table when he or she can not eat later. Not only the foods on the meal but also we do want any wwoofers who carelessly waste the food when someone else is starving on the earth. We understand there are different cultures in the world where leaving the food is a good manner in order to show the chef that you enjoyed the meal but not in here! In same reason, we do not want those who carelessly waste the water when water on the earth is scarce.
5. loud party campers
We want to enjoy together and having a good time together but we do not want those who speak out loudly in outdoor at late night around my house. Most of our neighboring villagers will sleep earlier and want to wake up early in the morning.
In order to enjoy together, hope to keep above rule and if you feel rules are too strict.please find other host.

If you want to search more about me, search "Shinji Hashimoto Organic " or "Shinji Hashimoto Organic Teikei" on the web. If you understand Japanese,then search「橋本慎司 有機農業」,
You will find all the lectures I gave domestically as well as abroad.
We eat lot of vegetables but not possbile to prepare particularly for vegetarians in meals.
We sometime accept an intern who wish to bcome an independent organic farmer in the future in this area.
There is a day-off once a week either on Saturday or Sunday and sometimes on Tuesday. During the day-off, my wife is also day-off so basically meals will not be prepared for that day. I highly recommend you to go for a short trip as there are lots of beatiful site in Tanba.
Kansai area
We are preparing for the opening of the touristic orchard (fig, chestnut) in addition to the existing garlic plantation (production of black garlic raw material).
Kansai area
Currently renovating an old private house which is 150 years old.
Preferably you are over 25 years old with some practical gardening, house repair DIY experience, at least the interest to learn!! Often you work on your own and we decide the program and schedule together.
Women are also welcome. Young honeymoon couples are not welcome!!!
If someone can come for a long time it is recommended because you can get into the process of renovation, gardening and even assisting with my music performance. Installing solar heater and photovoltaic system.
Bicycles available, eat out often, shopping daily, excellent internet, beer if desired,..permaculture, organic gardens and sustainable life style suggestions welcome.4 friendly cats!!
PLEASE LOOK AT THE PHOTO GALLERY... to avoid unpleasant surprises!!
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kanto area
We need your help on English school and volunteer time at elementary school or community center events.Especialy, I need your help from Novembetr 11th,12th,13th.

1 or 2 weeks short stay is Ok.
We cut and clean bamboo forest,clean onside, wash the dishes.
Kanto area
We are located in Ibaraki, where you can access from Tokyo station only for 1hr 10min by bus and (2hrs by train), yet it is a pieceful rural area with a beautiful rice field view. We can also pick you up at / bring you to Narita airport by car!

◆Main activities ◆
Harvesting and pruning eggplants and tomatoes in greenhouse.

We have 3 rooms for Wwoofers on the 1st floor of a big traditional Japanese house. We live upstairs.

◆We constantly live together with multiple Wwoofers (2 - 5 ) from all over the world through the year ( except July). You may enjoy meeting other Wwoofers here in our farm too :-)

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Kanto area
Chubu area
Free range egg farm! And seaside restaurant in Summer.

Now! We need help your hands for build up the beach hut.
To help carpenter ( he is my father)
June and middle of July, please help us;)
Tohoku area
Shikoku area
Please come to help us!
We have 1,500 of olive trees in Takamatsu city,Kagawa Pref.Shikoku.
The work in the olive farm is comfortable under the blue sky and.
It is fun to have lunch surrounding olive trees.
Our house is typical Japanese style, so you can sleep on Tatami and Futon mat.
We open the restaurant and guest house so please help cooking or house keeping, and let's have nice meal together with our customers.
From January to March we need many help for prunning.
Let's have happy time sharing the joy of harvest with friends from all over the world!
Kyushu area
There is good beach and big tree and BIG LOVE!like a paradase.please help baby sitter,gardeninng,cook etc.
Let's enjoy together,please tell me about your culcure.

thank you.

please upload your photo when send message.
Kyushu area
The construction of the confectionery workshop is over and the greenhouse is now complete. Both are minimum sizes, but the greenhouse is designed to withstand typhoons. To prevent typhoons, build a huge H steel. With the production of cacao, I will start cultivation from various leafy vegetables. please help me. There are also work such as weeding and fertilizer. (September 2019)
Kyushu area
Kanto area
We are in the process of building our farmhouse from scratch using a mix of traditional Japanese carpentry techniques, permaculture principles and sustainable building practices. Any wwoofers with experience or a keen interest in constriuction, carpentry or natural building are are most welcome. Also we are always farming so the there is farm work as well.
Shikoku area
Shikoku area
We need your help for maintaining Japan's tradition! When you come here, you will be helping treating Kozo (material of paper) farm, helping some process of paper making, cleaning the paper mill/house. The work is all different everyday. We would like wwofers who can stay more than a week and have no problem with sharing a house with others.

NOT ACCEPTING from Feb 16th to 22nd.

When you send us a message, please answer questions below.

1, You will be staying at a house next to the host and you need to share a kitchen, shower and the living room with other guests/WWOOfers. Are you okay with sharing?
2, We provide food and you need to cook by yourself. Can you prepare food by yourself?
3, Please tell me briefly about why you are interested in coming to us.
Thank you!
Kyushu area
From February to March, help me cut down the trees. Men want. Hard for women. Contact me immediately now.

We have our forest work and accommodation. You will help the mountain work if men. You will help our work garden weeding if women. Our house is located around the mountains, valleys, there is a brook. Do try to spend every day forget the everyday. Every day we want spent with people who are freeing. If You do not plan for tomorrow is come here . and if your time being undecided !. Our house give nutrients to the heart of you in the clean air and clean water and everyday Onsen.
Tell me what we don't know.

We are not pure agriculture. We live in a mountain in the countryside of Japan. A small cottage is open. Major tasks are mowing a large site, pruning trees, cutting mountain trees, making firewood, caring for chickens, cleaning guest rooms. All we can tell you is to show you how honest the ordinary Japanese live each day. We can not speak English well. If you do not mind, please come, on your favorite days.
Kyushu area
hello。we are looking for someone, look after horses, and taking customer to the ride, our ranch are grass land, we are western style ranch,
we have hotel and restauran.
Kyushu area
Kansai area
We are recruiting WWOOFers from the middle of February Contents of the activities are seeding spring vegetables, take care of goats and free range pigs,making the goat hut. WWOOFer who likes
cooking is welcome. Let's exchange cooking.
Chubu area
We are only looking for people who can speak Japanese.
Kyushu area
Dear WWOOFers,

For the last 5 years, we have been working to fulfill our dream of creating a beautiful pocket in the world, filled with art, music, nature, delicious food, and laughter holding it all together.

We have built Yusu no Ki all from scratch, and everyday it is getting closer to our dream. Artists and musicians regularly pass through and stay with us, our retaurant is steadily gaining in popularity and it is all thanks to the help of WWOOF.

We want to share the music and culture of Japan with people from all over the world, and love to learn. The work we have been doing has ranged from wooden decks to exposed wood ceilings to cutting tiles and shaping glass, building furniture and shaping our home and our space to fit into the nature around us.

Our restaurant hangs over a small lazy river and we are surrounded by forest and hills on all sides.

At the moment, we are involved in trying to meld the classical Japanese style of architecture with the Grecian style, focusing on using shape and color and contrast to live in visual and physical harmony with the beauty around us.

Work here is challenging, but we are all trying to learn! Come learn and build and laugh and make mistakes with us! We are waiting to hear from you. \(^o^)/
ps;Dear wwoofer,
I had an abstract and malicious comment on a woman of an American couple before and I want new women to understand this wonderful thing of Tokonomi. While ladies stay, we guarantee to live meaningfully. A woman who transmits goodness of shinobi is necessary now. To take a misunderstanding. !!

“I can speak only a little English. I didn’t write this text but my ex-WWOOFers helped it for me.”If you like Japanese culture or Japanese cuisine, please come. Kousei&rieko
Kyushu area
Our home, Takachiho -North of Miazaki prefecture- is surrounded by beautiful mountains and it is a famous area of Japanese myth. The house where I live now was abandoned for about ten years and I have been fixing here with the help of many friends. I urgently looking for someone who can help me out for fixing the house, planting holy basil and farming our young forest garden. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested! Thank you :)
Chubu area
We look forward to having wwoofers from early or mid Dember for 1 month or more, it's good to be more longer.

1. early December, 2019 to the 7th May, 2020
2. more for 2 weeks, it's good to stay so longer.
**A person who can eat anything without likes and dislikes.

Nozawaonsen is all perfectly safty.
We own a small guest house with 8 guest rooms surrounded by beautiful nature.
Only my family and wwoofers support our guest house. There's no employee.

We mainly cook traditional Nozawa dishes with organic vegetables
from nearby farms and other places. Our guests like our dishes so much that many guests come here every year.
Most guests come in winter. Please support us to do houseworks mainly.

You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hot springs, trekking and communication with our family, wwoofers and villagers in Japanese and English.
We have two ski lift tickets for wwoofers, so you can use them by turns. You can rent snowboard or ski at 500 yen per day.
There are 13 free hot springs in the village. The color and the temperature of water are differ from each other and you can go there in your free time.
You can take many beautiful pictures of mountains and old village. You can have a lot of sweet apples with natural apple honey inside.

You can learn Japanese, Origami(Japanese traditional paper craft), and how to cook traditional Nozawa dishes.
In spring, you can enjoy picking up mountain vegetables, learn about materials used in Chinese herbal medicine and gardening.

Many wwoofers are very friendly and they go snowboarding and hot spring together. They say that our food is so delicious.
You can ask me anything about us and the village.

***Our daily work time is less than six hours. Therefore there's no regular day off.
You might have a day off when there's few guests. If you want to have it, please let us know.

***You should wear suitable clothes.
See through clothes make our guests feel uncomfortable.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Thank you.
(2019, October 26)
Chubu area
We can accept you during April~November.
We accept one WWOOFers at a time.
We can not accept more than one.
Chubu area
Chubu area
Thank you wwoofers for your attention.

・We are seeking wwoofers who could stay anytime from 17th of January until 3rd of February or from 4th on March.

January – March (Temperature -6℃~9℃)
- Pruning orchard trees (Picking up cut branches from the ground);
- Chopping firewood; and
- Spreading rice husks to the orchard, etc.

April (Temperature 3℃~17℃)
- Picking buds from the peach trees and the pear trees;
- Planting vegetable seeds; and
- Raising seedlings, etc.

May (Temperature 9℃~22℃)
- Picking flowers from the apple trees;
- Picking superfluous fruits from the orchard;
- Cutting grasses; and
- Planting tomatoes, etc.

June (Temperature 14℃~25℃)
- Picking superfluous fruits form the orchard;
- Covering peaches with paper bags; and
- Cutting grasses, etc.

July (Temperature 19℃~29℃)
- Harvesting tomatoes;
- Cutting grasses; and
- Planting carrot seeds, etc.

August (Temperature 19℃~30℃)
- Harvesting tomatoes;
- Harvesting peaches;
- Cutting grasses;
- Planting carrot seeds; and
- Removing weeds from the carrot field, etc.

September (Temperature 15℃~25℃)
- Harvesting pears;
- Collecting rice husks and packing them into storage bags; and
- Cutting grasses, etc.

October (Temperature 8℃~19℃)
- Harvesting apples;
- Twisting apples; and
- Harvesting carrots, etc.

November (Temperature 1℃~13℃)
- Harvesting apples;
- Shipping apples;
- Making dried persimmons; and
- Harvesting carrots, etc.

December (Temperature -2℃~7℃)
- Shipping apples; and
- Spreading rice husks to the orchard, etc.

It would be great if you could join us at our farm.

There is a Hot Spring within 15 minutes walking distance, and we are surrounded by the very beautiful mountains here.

We would like you to enjoy and savor our favorite places in our town.

Why don't you join us and enjoy our farm work together in this beautiful Azumino town!

You could meet many other wwoofers here.

We always hope for many wwoofers that our farm will be your another hometown in your heart.

We are looking forward hearing from you.
Thank you very much.
Chubu area
We are looking forward to having WWOOFers.

*Make Udonn

*We will made mochi the end of the Dec.
Chubu area
We are organic farmer.I hope wwoofer will enjoy to stay with my family.
Chubu area
If you are working full-time and would like to experience WWOOF, you are welcome to stay for the weekend. I accept weekdays as well.
“We welcome short-stay WWOOFers (2~4 days OK!).”
Chubu area
Hello! It’s Yoshitomo Co., Ltd., a farming company of Natural Cultivation in Aoki, Eastern Nagano. Aoki is a small village in surrounded by beautiful mountains. We mainly grow kale and yacon while rice, blueberries, tomatoes, garlic, soy beans and wheat are cultivated. You can join us between the middle of March and the middle of December. The duration of your stay is from 8 days up to 4 weeks. We start seeding in the middle of March. June to September is the busiest due to weeding, so you’re always welcome! There’re some other works, for example, washing vegetables, making our healthy food products, holding organic farming events.

We live in an area of holiday houses, called Forest of Aoki, that is 800 high and surrounded by great nature in the mountains. Foods are vegan basically. You can go trekking, visit old shrines and temples, enjoy onsen on your days off. We’re looking forward to seeing you!
Chubu area

To give a little description of where we are, we are in a village in a valley (some people think it is like Totoro's place), with two very nice restaurants within walking distance (really nice!). I like to hike up to an old castle site in my free time (just takes about 35 minutes round trip) and hang out at the top and explore the mountain. There is also an Akido class that you can join (first two classes are free and one month is only 1,000 yen). If you like hot springs, there is a really cute and quiet one within walking distance as well.

As for missions, we will be harvesting and packaging and sending the vegetables to the customers in the summer. WE will also be doing other maintenance and such.

There is also a cat and a dog who love to be pet.

Due to the work involved, we can't accept single female volunteers - only male or couples. Also we accept wwoofers who can stay with us for more than 2 weeks.

Chubu area
Please join us in July to harvest the plentiful blueberries at our farm!

We are looking for WWOOFers with an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards organic arigulture and life! WOOFers must speak a little Japanese and willing to learn. Otherwise it can be very difficult to communicate with our family and the many visitors that come to pick blueberries at our farm.

We are excited to hear from you!!! Please contact us in a message with easy English.

An average day is as follows:
6:30 Wake up
7:00 Breakfast
8:30-12:00 Picking blueberries
12:30 Lunch
15:00 Picking blueberries
19:00 Dinner
Chubu area
We need your help for
restaurant ,camp、 glamping site,taking care of garden,chop woods for the stove, and organic farm. Works are bed making for glamping, wash dishes,clean the restaurant , iron for bed seats etc.. Those works are sometime hard. We hope you already have some experience of job that any kind or, you like well or know about the plants.
So we think , we will share good time and good meals and have joy after all.
If you have a question, please send e-mail.
Please check yougocafe Facebook.

*We have a festival at our place on every Sep8th.
The festivals performer s are japanese traditional Bon dance team ,tibetandance from dalai lama`s place, belly dance
, bruce band ,hula dance Flamenco. And organic vegetables market ,food court etc,,Please help us for the festival.
Chubu area
From february to december I welcom your help.
Long stay and short stay are okay.
I am sorry but I won't accept only male wwoofer.
I will accept female wwoofers and couple wwoofers.
Chubu area
I need you now. Especially if you have an international driver's license, I could sure use your help. Look at my profile and see if you'd like to woof with me.
Chubu area
We are looking for some woofer who will help us from May to Octber.
Please let us know your plan. Of course only one week or so is OK.
We are glowing some organic vegetable in our small farm. and we sometime serve those organic vegetable at our table. Then we can share our happiness with our friends.

We located in Karuizawa town, Nagano pro. In Japan. It is small town which have only 20,000 population. But, It’s very famous for Summer Resort Japan.
We can share our culter and customers through Japanese language.
I love my country and I hope you will be like it too.
We hope you will like our town, and you will like Japan finally
We don’t mind if you can speak Japanese. We can speak English better than other Japanese.

If you have interesting in woofing in Japan. Please let us know your offer.
Best regarding

                2018 July22
                         Host #:h48257
                        Paddy’s Café
                         Chiaki Kimura
Chubu area
We are looking for wwoofers to help us this April and May.
Also, GOLDEN WEEK! Come have fun with our family. If you like to eat PIZZA and FRESH PASTA, contact us A.S.A.P!
You must be able to speak at least some English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.
Kyushu area
We are making a field until May.
You can know how to prepare fields, such as how to create fields.
For those who can come, I will Tsushima with all my strength.
We want you to know charm of Tsushima by all means ☆
You can use wi-fi
Kansai area
Kansai area
The farming will start soon and also, farmhouse will be busy for accepting customer in spring time! We only accept women wwoofer only, sorry!
Kyushu area
Our place, Harappa Cafe is a community restaurant which support peoples' life and health and local community with the power and widsdom of global exchanges in YUFUIN, OITA, KYUSYU.

Here, we serve the many kinds of dishes as a buffet style and the customers can decide the price by themselves. So they can have meals even if they have no money at our cafe.

And in the afternoon, we go to farm to help local farmers grow vegetables. And we oftten go to the challenged peoples workplace to help them growing mushrooms.

This cafe is run by our NPO-Non Profit Organization group. We want to make a structure to help local farmers, welfare fascilities, and residents who need to help. Please help us and join together in our project!

Here at our place, WWOOFers can have 2 Days off a week as well as Workawayers. One is Wednesday which our cafe is closed. And the other day off is decided by talking with host.
Kyushu area
Here is yufuin country road Youth Hostel.

Now we are looking for Wooffer .

Here we manage only our family.
Very small Youth Hostel,it is located very carm country side.

Off course, you can take hot spring everyday!

Come to help us and make guests happy with us togerther.

We are waiting for your visit.

Thank you!

Kyushu area
We need help immedtely. We make rice from March to October with Aigamo method.If you can help us,please tell us soon! We welcome you with nice food and onsen(spa)!
(first, 2weeks trial term)
Kyushu area
So urgant!! From 24th of June for one or two weeks from Hita-city of Oita-ken in north-Kyushu, we hope for one guy wwoofer as follows: a persons who can help rice-transplanting "Taue" by a rice-transplanting machine that is not so difficult to operate.
【Characteristics of Renge farm】
1.Family constitution : 4 families, my wife: brightly cheerful but can't speak English, so a "practical" Japanese teacher; two dogs: 8 year-old labrador and 3-year mixed; I: 69 years old but still can't lose to young guys!
2.House : typical traditional farmer's house, founded over 120 years ago and situated in the center of Hita city, so convenient for shopping.
3.Morning walk : take a walk every day in some historic areas or mountain parks with two dogs together.
3.Onsen : there are some hot springs("onsen") in Hita, so you can use it after working and refresh!
4.Aikido : you can participate in Aikido by a American trainer twice a week, who have lived here and taught Aikido for over 15 years.
Kyushu area
Need someone to help with seasonal tasks (such as preparing the land, producing seedlings, seeding, weeding, harvesting, and packing) fruits, flowers, herbs, vegetables, wheat, and rice. Need to love nature, dogs (our little dog, Lion Chan, will ALWAYS be by your side).

We share meals and would like volunteers to help with cooking, great healthy meals with vegetables from our garden !

Traveling insurance is required. We go to nearby onsens (hot springs) at least once a week! Awesome hiking trails are nearby: cities are far away.
Kyushu area
Chugoku area
Chugoku area
Now,we are seeding of sweet corn.
French wwoofer will help us till early May.
So after that we want help.
Chugoku area
Chugoku area
we are nepali and japanese couple,with two kids.
we had moved to okayama pref last Feb.
we live in mountain where an important preservation district of historic buildings may feel you are as if in old age of Japan.
Our bissness is mobeile van shop to sell real spice curry from India and Nepal.this is very busy bisiness than what we thought.
We have jsut started on April. we are not able to look after homework and agricluture.
So,please help us to work together.
you will learn how to make real spice curry.
you can look after vegitables.
and please play with our kids in the nature.
let's go to summer fes together!
looking for someone who has international driving lisence.
and someone who loves kids.
thank you!
Chugoku area
Chugoku area
Kyushu area
Welcome WWOOFers!Two couples run a ranch. I would be glad if you helped me. We are looking for one person in May. Please come if you are interested. How about two weeks?
I am working on an educational farm.
We welcome anyone who is interested in taking care of animals from everywhere and we appreciate your help!
Please contact us well in advance. It will take a while to reply you. Thank you.

*** Longer stays are welcome, too!
Can take WWOOFers all year.
Min stay 1 week. Longer stays of 6 months to a year is negotiable.
Kyushu area
Nihon-go de renraku shitekudasai. Japanese speaking WWOOFers, please. Please contact us in fluent Japanese.
Kyushu area
Kyushu area
Those interested in Okinawa Yanbaru and those who are interested in salt making are welcome.
Longer stays (over 1 month) are welcome.
Kyushu area
We cannot speak English. Please contact us in Japanese or easy English. You can learn Japanese with us.
Kyushu area
I live on the hill with a beautiful view over the setting sun, the morning sun, and the stars.
While self-building a building with consideration for the earth, I create a place where I can live like myself without spending money. I am preparing to go back to the field of natural farming again with childcare and house building and want to stay in a small hotel.
We are looking for people who can help you with fields, rockets, baths, room making (easy carpentry and painting), chicken coops, goat cots, etc.
There is a swimming pool in the garden so you can enter during the summer. The food is made of spring water from the mountain. You can enjoy fishing, hot spring, the sea etc.
We look forward to working with our couple, a small twin boy, and a smaller one year old girl!
Kyushu area
Kanto area
We are looking for WWOOFERs who would like to stay with us on December !
It would be perfect if you are looking for a fruitful WWOOF experience for more than 1 weeks, and we might be the one you are looking for!

Our work is not simple, but includes a lot of varieties. We grow different varieties of vegetables here, and we also have some lovely animals here to look after for. Our work might be busy and hard, but everyone is working here happily and warmly. We hope that you could get a lot of experience working in our farm.

We have rooms for WWOOFERs to stay in. They are very modest and simple traditional Japanese rooms separate from the main house. We have sheep, ducks and cats around the houses, and they are all very friendly. We would also provide meals or our organic products for you to cook with. WiFi is available here for you to keep contact with your love ones. We hope you could enjoy a simple and healthy stay here.
We are looking forward to your stay. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a mail!
Kanto area
We are a small family-run blueberry farm in the beautiful town of Nagatoro. We love getting to know people from all different backgrounds so feel free to reach out regardless of your level of Japanese!

We accept WWOOF'ers all year round, and even for short periods of time like the weekend! We prefer to host people who like children and who take care of their personal hygiene. ❣️

Only no smoker allowed.
No meal restrictions( No vegetarian . Many of our meals are meat based)
Eat everything
Non allergic
People without dietary restrictions

Please check our facebook  ☛ ID: "nagatorobase"
Kansai area
We would like to have a female wwoofer only. you can assist us in field work and
Chubu area
We can accept only.
①1/31~4/6 1~2 persons
②4/24~5/18 1~2 person

We prefer long stay WWOOFer. However, for short stay WWOOFer, the stay must cover any weekend (a period from Friday through Monday).

Please note that days except ①②above, we have either accepted wwoofers or planned to travel, we are sorry to say that we cannot accept any wwoofers.

Please fill out the period which you hope to stay here (the arrival date& departure date) in the message of the application by all means.

We are going to ask you cleaning rooms and dishwashing in the main as help while you'll be here.
If you like it, we welcome you.
You can use Wi-fi in your room.
We have cats in my house. We prefer anyone who love cat.
I'm sorry, we can't accept smoking person .
It's hard to accept a person who have limit with meals.

Please send me a message in Japanese or easy English.
We are not good at English.
We wrote these sentences with a support of translation software.
Chubu area
we start from 6:30,so, a few people feel,too long,

we do traditinal Japansese life,
what is tradional??? i wonder,,,,.
we do not only farming,but also LIFE.

Please take yourself candle and flash lights and toilet paper.

No deodorant. No shampoo. No cosmetic. Please.

Be happy, make Other. Happy.

We dont have internet.

We dont like any soap.

if you want to stay more than 2weeks,lets talk about piriod after one week.

no hitchhike ,please.
Chubu area
At base of Mt.Fuji, seeking for wwoofers who wants to back up my organic farm. I grow about 50 different kinds of vegitables by myself. its located in beautiful and quiet country side of Fujinomiya city. you will have private traditional japanese tatami room while you stay here. feel yourself at home at tabikaze farm. i have climbed mt.fuji 12 times, so if you are seeking to climb mt.fuji, this is the place to visit.
If you have questions ask me anytime! 
I will be waiting for wwoofers who eager to help my farm work.
you can find newest info on旅風農園-tabikaze-farm-329819677468423/
Chubu area

If you want to enjoy your real life at Ft. Fuji more than anyone, you are wanted!!
●What you will do is:
・To enjoy living (with no anger but humbly)

On this farm, we are enjoying and living comfortably with saving money!

Please leave your true footprints in your life on the most beautiful farm!!

※You can take days off, what dates you would like.
※You may help on the farm what you can do.
※You will need to use inside the house clean.
※Basic time is 6 hours including rest.

If you are alone, please invite more than one person to come here.

■Please feel free to contact me♪

Kanto area
This site was on aired so many time for doing self-sufficient life. We are keeping construction facilities.
Kanto area
We have been accepted at any time.
Enjoy the fun of organic farming!!
It takes about three hours from Tokyo.
You can use wifi.
Check our website,please.
Shikoku area
I opened a cafe restaurant on Jan, 2019. Please come and help our restaurant and bakery work while enjoying farmstay.
Do you want to experience life in calm countryside? We have been making bread and dessert for over 55 years. You can learn Japanese style, Western style baking from professional while helping baking work.
Those who are planning to open bakery and interested in sustainable life are welcome.
We also have a small vegetable and animal farm. Especially we are rasing goat and chicken. You can taste a pudding made with fresh goat milk!
Shikoku area
Chugoku area
The person who helps easy carpentry in April is greatly recruited. Let's spend happy together time.
Chugoku area
^Hello. I am SAVO.
^^Now, I would like to update the web, so I am looking for a person who is confident in PC operation and who can create a slide show of photos. Of course, sometimes the field also helps.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Hello dear WWOOFers!

We are in urgent need of WWOOfers.

We started this farm in 2013, from almost nothing. there was an old abandoned house and everything was covered in vegitation. it has taken years of effort and help from people from around the world to create the place we now call home.

Work on the farm is plenty and varied - we can always find something for people to do!

We make and grow much of our own food, so a lot of farming is done here, which includes weeding, planting, removing insects (Around our house we have a lot of insects) and harvesting.
In winter time we make basic of japanese traditional cuisine, those of which include Koji, Miso, Soysauce and other fermented foods. It is a very interesting process.

Because we have no gas heating - we require much wood for heating the house and water we use for bathing, so we have work in moving, cutting, harvesting, and stacking lumber.

we, together with volunteers from around the world have built most of the things on the farm, including a hut, house extensions, an outdoor stove and more. this sometimes requires labor intensive work, including moving earth and big rocks.

While this may sound difficult - we also love taking breaks to enjoy nature and breath the clean mountain air. we do everything to respect the amazing people who come here to help us, and we deeply honor and appreciate them as part of our family. We never expect anything from someone that we would not expect from ourselves.

If any of this seems interesting to you, please feel free to contact us.our family would love to accept you if you from anywhere you come from, without discrimination. Currently we only have 1 room for volunteers, and we can accept maximum 2 people at the same time, but we can always find interesting solutions for any problem ;)

We usually prepare and eat meals as a family together with the woofers :)
We usually eat simple Japanese food from our garden and local farmers. We want to accept WWOOFers that are open to everything we serve.

Because we only have one kitchen, we unfortunately cannot cater to vegan or gluten free diets and we cannot cater vegetarian, macrobiotic...etc.

So we welcome you if you can enjoy a simple life in the nature. We live in a small valley with a beautiful view of Mt. Daisen. It is very pleasant and quiet here, with a nearby creek and forest. We would love to teach our WWOOFers about living an organic and self sufficient lifestyle.

We are currently working on a new building project, making a 3 by 7 metre pavilion shelter in front of our main house, and so would warmly welcome anyone with an interest in carpentry or construction work! We mainly use only traditional Japanese construction techniques. Also, as all the work is done manually this project will require some heavy lifting.

I'm sorry, but I can not respond to those who can not speak either English or Japanese.

We are happy to welcome energetic, positive WWOOfers that we can share and exchange experiences and knowledge with.
Please check out our homepage for more information about our life and my art:


Thank you
Chugoku area
We are a family of 4people (2children) living in Chizu-town of Tottori-prefecture. The husband manages a free school, the wife mainly takes care of the children at home. We grow vegetables and rice grains on a small scale for ourselves.

We would love to have someone who can do farm work, carpentry, house work or baby-sitting. We are a family, and we would like to welcome you to be part of our everyday life. We are not a big farmer or a business owner. We look forward enjoying the daily life among the mountains together.
Kansai area
Thank you for showing your interest in our farm. Our farm is specialized in growing mandarin orange. We also grow lemon and plum. We put a lot of emphasis in using no herbicide and agricultural chemicals. For more details, please take a look at our homepage! (

This is our sixth year in hosting WWOOFERS. In the past, we have accepted more than 250 WWOOFERS from all over the world. There are lot of repeaters (some came back 7 times). Although we can only speak Japanese, I would love to host anyone who can speak minimum Japanese and communicate.

We are hosting WWOOFERS all year long. Harvest seasons are especially busy.

December - February: Mandarin Orange
June: Plum
Early October - Mid February: Lemon

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Chugoku area
We accept new woofers all year round, except from 21st Dec to 4th January, because we are on holidays then :) If you come before that you can also stay in this period though.

There are lots of projects you can help with - so we are always happy to accept wwoofers. Short stay is fine, long stay is very welcome too!

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