A WWOOF Japan host was interviewed by a well-known movie star (top photo). This actor also has his own farm, and is enjoying two different lifestyles. 

Shizuoka Newspaper

A chairperson of an agricultural management association wrote the following article:
"When I was 25, I got to know WWOOFing in Australia. Now I have been a WWOOF Japan host for nearly 14 years, and 300 WWOOFers from around the world have visited us. Most of them are young people, but their thinking is mature, and have helped us understand what aspects of Japan are good, and what aspects are in need of change. The WWOOFers have influenced our children, and they love meeting new people who come from different backgrounds, and have different senses of value. Hooray, WWOOF!"

A WWOOF Japan team member recorded a radio interview. Due to COVID-19, she did it remotely.

WWOOF Japan is being showcased by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, on the Japanese government website page.