I started a WWOOFer registration, but didn’t complete it. Three months later I restarted it, but the page didn’t come up. What should I do?
If you don’t complete a WWOOFer registration within a few weeks of starting it, the registration page will cease to show. Please contact us from our Contact Form with your WWOOFer username, and we will reset it for you.,, email users:
Do you use a Microsoft’s email address such as ?
Some of our users with those email addresses are not receiving our emails due to the filter system associated with those email addresses. If you don’t receive our email after sending your registration, please use a different email address. Or please adjust your settings to allow emails from

"I happen to have a few tattoos on both my torso, legs and arms (these can all be covered by long-sleeved clothing) however, I am somewhat familiar with Japans view and attitude towards tattoos. Is this something hosts or yourselves do not allow? "

No, problem.  However as you mentioned, in Japan many people do not have a good image about Irezumi (tattoos), as it is a kind of a symbol indicative of being a Japanese mafia person (called ’yakuza’ in Japanese).  Yet some Japanese, specially young people, do know about contemporary western fashion tattoos as well.

We have received some good feedback from hosts after they accepted WWOOFers with tattoos, such as "I was shocked to see some tattoos on the WWOOFer's arm, but she was such a warm-hearted wonderful person and helped me a lot.  She made my eyes more open to the world.  I hope I can see her again."
Therefore it is all up to you, to make your WWOOFing wonderful and make host families realise that a person with tattoos does not automatically equate to that person being a bad person.

We do not give refunds.                      
Under no circumstances do we give refunds. 
That we do not give refunds is made abundantly clear in the membership application form that applications choose to “agree” to before they pay.
You can go WWOOFing to as many Hosts as you like, as many times as you like, during your active membership period.
Please check you travel arrangements, so that you can be sure you are coming to Japan and can use your WWOOF Japan membership as planned.