What is WWOOF?

WWOOF is a means to make new friends, and exchange ideas and learning with them.
Hosts give WWOOFers meals, a place to sleep, and social engagement, in return for WWOOFers helping hosts with the activities they undertake at their place.

It's simple. You give what you have, and you receive what you don't have.

There is no money paid between hosts and WWOOFers.
Both hosts and WWOOFers endeavor to support each other, like friends and extended family do.

How to start
Follow the links on our website to Become a WWOOFer.

General information about WWOOF -------

-- The meaning of WWOOF:
WWOOF is an acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

-- About Hosts:

Many hosts are organic farmers, as well as organic food shops, farm cafes, farm inns, nature guides, environmental education centers, pottery and arts people, timber working places, and more.
Hosts give meals, a place to sleep, and social engagement to WWOOFers.

-- About WWOOFers:

WWOOFers are learning about life in Japan. WWOOFers help host with what they do at their place, usually for up to 6 hours a day, for up to 6 days a week.

-- Going WWOOFing:

WWOOFing is about travel and adventure, making new friends, helping and receiving help, and learning in the process.
Note: Don't mistake WWOOF for "work".  If you inadvertently talk about "work" in relation to your WWOOFing, Japan immigration authorities may deem you to be potentially an illegal immigrant coming to Japan for the purpose of work, and on that basis deny you entry into Japan.

-- No money paid between hosts & WWOOFers:

Hosts and WWOOFers do not pay each other. WWOOF is a non-monetary exchange.

-- Members only:

All people for whom hosts are contacted must be current members of WWOOF Japan before hosts are contacted. Send an application and payment to join, or renew your membership, on our website,

-- Conditions:

WWOOFers must be willing to participate in the activities that hosts do at their place, in return for the meals, a place to sleep, and social engagement that hosts give them. WWOOFers must be interested in learning from and with hosts. WWOOFers must read the WWOOF Japan website, and agree to abide by WWOOF rules.

Children 15 or under can go WWOOFIng when accompanied by an adult who is a current member of WWOOF Japan. People WWOOFing alone must be 16 years of age and older. There is no maximum age limit.

A brief history of WWOOF -------

WWOOF began as an organic farming movement. However these days, people undertaking different forms of sustainable lifestyles are becoming WWOOF Japan hosts, thereby giving WWOOFers access to a greater diversity of experience and learning. Organic ways of thinking, and sustainable lifestyles, are a growing part of the WWOOF experience.

WWOOF originated in Europe in the 1970s, and has spread to more than 60 countries throughout the world. Some of the leading WWOOF groups today being Australia, New Zealand, and us in Japan.
People in cities often lead stressful lives, and yearn for fresh air in natural environs, and to meet and collaborate with new and interesting people.

How to start WWOOFing in "Japan"? -------

What do I get with my WWOOF Japan membership? For the initial membership fee of 5,500 Japanese yen, you get a dynamically generated WWOOFer Permit which demonstrates to hosts that you are a current member of WWOOF Japan. You are able to contact hosts, ask questions about details important to you, while also explaining what you want to do, learn and see. Once you have identified a host and made arrangements to WWOOF there, you can go and stay at that place and receive food and a place to sleep at no financial cost, in return for helping them with what they do at their place.

You can become a WWOOF Japan WWOOFer after sending a WWOOFer registration form and a membership payment. Please read the "Become a WWOOFer" page.

Follow the links on our website to Become a WWOOFer.

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