WWOOF Japan Terms of Use and WWOOF rules

You must agree to WWOOF Japan Terms of Use and WWOOF rules.

1. <Name of WWOOF Japan> 
The WWOOF Japan administration is the WWOOF Japan Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Generally, it is called WWOOF Japan. The system provided by WWOOF Japan is called WWOOF. 

2. <WWOOF Japan members> 
A member of WWOOF Japan is a person who has completed a WWOOF registration for WWOOFing in Japan. There are two types of members: WWOOFer members, and host members. 

3. <WWOOF Japan registration> 
WWOOF registration means that WWOOF members have applied through the WWOOF Japan website, paid the annual membership fee, and can log in to the WWOOF Japan website membership page. For Host members, they apply through the WWOOF Japan website, pay the annual membership fee, and have been examined and approved by WWOOF Japan. 

4. <Agree to Terms of Use and WWOOF rules> 
As a precondition of membership, members must agree to comply with Terms of Use, WWOOF rules, precautions stated on the WWOOF Japan website, and in communications from WWOOF Japan. 

5. <WWOOFer member> 
A member who goes to a host member’s place, lives with the host member for a period, and participates in the activities done at the host member’s place, is called a WWOOFer. This is called WWOOFing. 

6. <Host member> 
Host members are practicing organic farming or living organically in rural areas, have enough time and patience to communicate with WWOOFers, provide WWOOFers with meals and a place to sleep, are able to respect WWOOFers’ various personalities and ideas, and send regular reports to WWOOF Japan. A host member is usually called a host. 

7. <Host and responsible person> 
A host member includes a representative and family members, as well as their employees and anyone else who stays with or works with the representative and family. The representative or a person in charge of WWOOFing takes responsibility for WWOOFing matters. 

8. <WWOOF trademark> 
WWOOF is registered as a trademark in Japan. It is prohibited to use the names of WWOOF, WWOOFer, WWOOF host, WWOOFing, etc., without in advance registering as a WWOOF member with WWOOF Japan. For example, including: #1: a current host member cannot use the names of WWOOF, WWOOFer, WWOOF host, WWOOFing, etc., when inviting a person who is not a WWOOF Japan member. #2: a former host member cannot use the names of WWOOF, WWOOFer, WWOOF host, WWOOFing, etc. #3: a non-member cannot use the names of WWOOF, WWOOFer, WWOOF host, WWOOFing, etc.

9. <Communication> 
Members read the profiles of other members, send and receive messages between each other, and start making friendships on the WWOOF Japan website. After a WWOOFer member goes to a host member’s place and starts WWOOFing, both WWOOFer and host put much value on communication, and enjoy time together while keeping in mind what the other member wants to do and learn. 

10. <Friendship> 
Host members and WWOOFer members are friends. As friends, members engage in the WWOOF exchange. Hosts provide WWOOFers with three meals a day and a place to sleep, and WWOOFers help the host with the activities that are done at the host’s place for up to about 6 hours a day, with at least one day off a week. Members give all they can to the other members. People who are not good at building friendships, are not well suited to participating in WWOOF. 

11. <Respect each other’s culture and personality> 
WWOOF members will respect each other’s culture and personality. WWOOFer members will respect rules and customs at each host member's place. WWOOFers from overseas will respect Japanese culture. 
Host members will respect WWOOFers’ individuality in relation to the activities they give to WWOOFers to do. 

12. <Sharing information about agricultural technology and agricultural wisdom> 
Host members will convey to WWOOFer members some techniques of agriculture, some wisdom of farming life, and some practices of organic living. 

13. <WWOOF is DIY> 
WWOOF members should be interested in learning new ideas and lifestyles.
WWOOF is not for everyone. WWOOF is a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of experience. WWOOF suits people who are able to carefully engage with new people, places and activities, and learn and flourish as they go. People who do not much know about or have much interest in DIY experiences are probably better off joining programs in which participants are catered for.

14. <No giving away, renting, sharing or selling membership details> 
Members must not give away, rent, share or sell membership details including usernames and passwords. For example, a member who decides to cease WWOOFing, must not give away, rent, share or sell their membership details to another person to use. 

15. <Members’ information is confidential to each individual member> 
Members’ information is confidential to each individual member. Members must not collect, give away, rent, share or sell members’ information. For example, members must not collect other members’ membership information including their contact details. 

16. <Self-responsibility> 
In relation to all matters, members join and participate in WWOOF entirely at their own risk. 

17. <Only for WWOOF activities> 
Members must not engage other members in relation to matters other than WWOOF, such as those commercial, interviews, research, etc., without in advance obtaining written permission from WWOOF Japan. 

18. <Non-refundable> 
Even if a member did not use WWOOF, or wants to withdraw from membership, or is expelled, there is no refund after the membership fee has been paid. Under no circumstances are refunds given. 

19. < Membership renewal> 
Membership registration is for one year, and is renewed manually. Since membership is not renewed automatically, members who want to extend their membership must remit their membership fee themselves each year. 

20. <Membership expiry> 
If members want to renew their membership for another year, they must do so before the current membership expiry date. If membership is not extended by the expiry date, it will automatically expire. 

21. <Membership renewal discount> 
Members can receive the benefit of discounted membership renewal fees by paying the membership fee for the next year and completing the renewal procedures before their current membership expiry date. A condition of membership renewal, is that members comply with WWOOF Japan Terms of Use, WWOOF rules, precautions and communications. 

22. <Members’ profile must be accurate> 
The contents of members's registrations and membership profiles must be accurate and truthful. Members must not post profile photos of someone other than themselves. 
If members’ situations change, members must immediately update the contents of their profile. 

23. <Posting photos of other people> 
If members want to post photos that include other people in their WWOOF Japan profile, photo gallery, etc., they must first obtain permission to do so from those other people. Should problems occur in relation to this, WWOOF Japan takes no responsibility for those problems. 

24. <Feedback> 
The feedback page is a place to express points of view and gratitude to other members, and serves as a reference of WWOOF activities to other members. If members have criticism, it must be written in good faith and with constructive content, as to why it’s thought a said problem occurred, and what could be done to make the situation better. When members receive feedback, members should thank the sender for it, take it seriously, endeavour to learn from it, and reply to say the same in addition to explaining what if any changes are being made. This page does not exist to argue. WWOOF Japan is not responsible for the content of feedback. Feedback is entity members' responsibility, and is entirely at the discretion of members. Feedback must not be defamatory, insulting, hateful, or discriminatory. 

25. <Edit and Delete> 
Based on item numbers 4 to 13, and number 24 above, if WWOOF Japan determines it necessary, and without informing members, WWOOF Japan may edit or delete contents of members’ profiles, photos, notice board entries, and feedback entires, etc. Also, should WWOOF Japan identify typing mistakes made by members, WWOOF Japan may edit or delete them. WWOOF Japan does not accept objections from members in relation to these matters. 

26. <Storing information securely, and discarding it> 
Members must store personal information and other data well, so that it cannot be viewed by other people. When personal information and other data are no longer needed, they must be deleted. Certainly, after the host or WWOOFer members’ WWOOF Japan membership has expired, they must be deleted. If there is printed or written information, it must be discarded in a way that it cannot be read by others, for example with a shredder. 

27. <Announcing to social media, etc.> 
Members can announce about WWOOF and their WWOOF activities on their own website or social media. However, it is prohibited to post contents or photos that may give trouble to WWOOF Japan, members or other people, and it is prohibited to post personal information without permission from those persons about whom you are posting.

28. <Network damage, etc.> 
WWOOF Japan is not responsible for any inconvenience, loss of data, damage, loss, etc. caused to members due to delays or interruptions on the WWOOF Japan website including that due to failures of communication lines or computers, network invasion, etc.

29. <Suspension of service> 
The WWOOF Japan website may be suspended for maintenance or in emergencies, etc., without notice.

30. <Indemnify WWOOF Japan> 
In relation to all problems that may occur when using WWOOF Japan including those between host members and WWOOFer members, including: quarrels; fights; thefts; injuries; illnesses; damage to property, building equipment or goods; accidents; police matters, and issues relating to police matters; and any problems caused by changing or canceling WWOOF plans. WWOOF Japan takes no responsibility for these and other problems. Both WWOOFer and host members agree to fully indemnify WWOOF Japan against all responsibility for these and other problems and any costs and losses associated with them. 

31. <Solution by both sides> 
Any matters between host members and WWOOFer members (including quarrels; fights; thefts; injuries; illnesses; damages to property, building equipment and goods; accidents; police matters and issues relating to police matters; and any problems caused by changing or canceling WWOOF plans) must be solved by both the host members and the WWOOFer members between themselves. WWOOF Japan is not responsible for solving these and other problems. 

32. <Compensate WWOOF Japan> 
Wrongdoings, falsification of information, obstruction, infringement of intellectual property rights, violation of Terms of Use and WWOOF rules, and communications, etc., are prohibited. If members undertake wrongdoings or annoyance of other members or third parties, such that WWOOF Japan is compelled deal with them including the payment of damages, WWOOFer and host members agree to fully compensate WWOOF Japan.

33. <Cancellation of registration without notice> 
When members do not follow WWOOF Japan Terms of Use, WWOOF rules, communications and instructions from WWOOF Japan; when WWOOF Japan receives a report raising issues of concern; when there is a problem; when WWOOF Japan deems the situation not compatible with WWOOF, etc.: the member’s registration may be stopped without notice. Judgments are entirely at the discretion of WWOOF Japan. If members' registrations are canceled, the members will then be unable to use WWOOF. In the case of a WWOOFer member, they must leave the host member’s place immediately. In the case of a host member, they must cease hosting WWOOFer members immediately. 

34. <Application after expulsion> 
In the case where a person has been expelled as a WWOOF Japan member, and they again send a WWOOF Japan member application, without raising with WWOOF Japan the cause of the previous expulsion and their current situation, they will be unregistered without notice. There is no refund of membership fees. 

35. <WWOOFer: one person, one registration> 
One person, who is 16 years old and over, must have one WWOOFer membership. Two or several friends or family members must not share one membership.

36. <No invitation> 
At host members' places, WWOOFer members must not invite their family members or friends who are not WWOOF Japan WWOOFer members. 

37. <WWOOFing without membership> 
If members take non-members of 16 years of age or over with them, the minimum penalty is the equal of one membership fee, in addition to the membership fee for membership.

38. <Valid membership period> 
Persons who use WWOOFing must be members with a valid membership for the entire period of WWOOFing activity. In other words, WWOOFer members must not let their membership expire while at hosts’ places. Host members must not continue to have WWOOFer members at their place after their memberships have expired. Members must renew their WWOOF Japan memberships before they expire. 

39. <Children who are 15 years of age, or under> 
Children who are 15 years of age or under can go WWOOFing with a parent WWOOFer member. In that case, the membership fee for children is free. However, it is important to be careful not to burden host members with young children. At the time of application, the child's information must be added to the parent's profile, and the host must be notified in advance. 

40. <WWOOFer Permit> 
As proof of current WWOOF Japan WWOOFer membership, a WWOOFer Permit will be automatically issued to WWOOFer members on their members' page. Only the members listed on the WWOOFer Permit can go WWOOFing as WWOOFer members. 

41. <WWOOFers show ID to hosts> 
Upon arrival at a host members' place and before starting the WWOOF activity, WWOOFer members must show on official identification, such as a passport, to the host member. The host member must check the WWOOFer’s IDs, and reconcile it with the WWOOFer's WWOOFer Permit. Host members must ask the WWOOFer for their ID, if the WWOOFer does not offer it.

42. <Change of plan> 
If there is a change in the WWOOF plan, members must promptly notify the other member, and pay attention not to cause inconvenience. 

43. <No insurance> 
WWOOF Japan membership does not include insurance of any kind. 

44. <Safety First> 
Both WWOOFer and host members must always consider safety first. Both WWOOFer and host members must each take full responsibility for their own safety. WWOOFer members must not engage in activities if they are uncertain whether or not those activities are safe for themselves to do. WWOOFer members can at any time ask host members for alternative activities. Host members must be flexible in giving activities to WWOOFer members, based on each WWOOFer member's personal situation. If WWOOFers tell a host that they want to try a different activity, the host member must give them a different activity right away. WWOOFer members have no obligation to stay at a host member’s place if they do not feel safe, and should leave the host members’ place immediately if they do not feel safe. Without exception, safety must come first. WWOOF Japan takes no responsibility for WWOOFer and host members' safety. 

45. <Valuables>
Both WWOOFer members and host members must each themselves manage and take full responsibility for their valuables. WWOOF Japan takes no responsibility for WWOOFer and host members valuables. 

46. ​​<No visa assistance> 
WWOOF Japan cannot at all assist with visa matters including letters and documents. Neither WWOOF Japan nor host members can offer visa support of any kind.

47. <Host: one family, one registration> 
A host membership is for one family or one establishment. Unless special cases are in advance approved in writing by WWOOF Japan, multiple families or establishments cannot use the one host membership.

48. <Regular WWOOF report from hosts> 
Host members are required to send regular WWOOF reports to WWOOF Japan. Basically, it is monthly, but if members cannot make monthly reports for some reason, host members can send reports every season. If there has been no visiting WWOOFer members during a period, they must regardless send the report regularly, at least once every season. If a host member does not send the regular report, the member will be removed from WWOOF membership. 

49. <Check WWOOFer registration> 
When host members receive a WWOOFing request or inquiry, the host members must check the WWOOFer username, and check that the WWOOFer’s membership is current. If a WWOOFer says they want to come with their friend(s) or family member(s), host members must check each WWOOFer username and membership. A person who is 16 years of age or over, must be a WWOOFer member. Host members have responsibility to check that each would-be WWOOFer is a current member. 

50. <Orientation> 
After a WWOOFer member arrives at a host member's place, the host must check their ID and reconcile it with their WWOOFer Permit, introduce their family to the WWOOFer, and have an orientation in order to give guidance about living at the host's place.

51. <Private information is confidential> 
Host profiles have three parts: a part that can be viewed by the general public, a part that can be viewed by members, and a part that is private information that is disclosed to specific members at the discretion of the host member. Host members must not display their personal information in the part that is viewed by the general public. Host members have to manage this themselves.

52. <Photo> 
Photos that are posted on host members' photo gallery page, WWOOF Japan may post on other parts of the WWOOF Japan website, and on WWOOF Japan social media. 

53. <Questionnaires> 
In order to create better WWOOFing, WWOOF Japan may ask members to answer questions and complete questionnaires from time to time. 

54. <Inquiries to WWOOF Japan>
WWOOF Japan receives inquiries only through the WWOOF Japan website. WWOOF Japan does not receive inquiries by phone or in person. WWOOF Japan offices are closed to the public.

55. <Confirmation of terms and conditions> 
Each time members log in to the WWOOF Japan website, they must agree to WWOOF Japan Terms of Use and WWOOF rules. If members do not agree with WWOOF Japan Terms of Use and WWOOF rules, they must not use WWOOF. 

56. <WWOOF Japan Terms of Use and WWOOF rules at the time of membership renewal> 
When renewing WWOOF Japan membership, members must agree to the latest Terms of Use and WWOOF rules. If members do not agree with the latest Terms of Use and WWOOF rules, they must not renew their memberships. 

57. <Within membership period> 
WWOOFer and host members must have a current WWOOF Japan membership to use WWOOF Japan. If a person withdraws from membership, or their membership is revoked, they cannot use WWOOF Japan.

58. <Other guidance and privacy policy> 
In addition to Terms of Use and WWOOF rules, there are other guidance and a privacy policy stated on the WWOOF Japan website. Guidance and privacy policy may change without notice. Members must read and keep up to date with guidance and privacy policy.

59. <Change to Terms of Use and WWOOF rules> 
Terms of Use and WWOOF rules are subject to change without notice. 

60. <Disputes, Legal matters> 
With regard to any dispute arising out of or in association with WWOOF Japan and these WWOOF Japan Terms of Use and WWOOF rules: the law of Japan shall be the governing law. Either the district court or summary court where WWOOF Japan is located shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance.
Let's make new friends, help them and be helped by them, learn and enjoy with WWOOFing in Japan!


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