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Not seeking WWOOFers at this time--please check back





  • Vegetable Gardens
  • A Sweets Producer
  • Other



Natural cake & sweets bakery with no shop

  • Non Chemical Fertilizer Method of Growing Foods
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Keeping Free-Range Chickens
  • Living Self-Sufficiently
  • Using Your Own Seeds
  • Solar Power
  • Using Well Water
  • Opportunities to Study English
  • Picking Up Garbage
  • Hand-Made Houses
  • Slow Food
  • Slaughtering Chickens for Meat for Human Consumption
  • Making Udon Noodles
  • Brewing Beer
  • How to Cook Generally
  • Building Houses, Fixing Houses
  • Walking to Enjoy Nature
  • Hot Spring
  • General Japanese Family

Not applicable

Not Applicable

We have an organic attitude of sorts, but we do not go out of our way to be organic or alternative, rather, we do what suits us at the time


Do and make things by ourselves as possible as we can. Less shopping, recycling old things, turn off the lights often, use least water to do dishes, cooking on the wood stove, give left overs to our chikiens, don't smoke, and so on.

  • We usually eat vegetables and rice but we have meat and fish if we are given it
  • We cook mainly Japanese meals
  • We sometimes cook Asian types of food
  • We sometimes cook Western types of food
  • Our own grown vegetables generally
  • We always cook homemade meals

When we have a party or an event, we might drink with WWOOFers but these occasions are not so often

No, nobody smokes

  • In the mountains
  • Outside the town
  • Near the mountains
  • In a valley between mountains
  • Near a river
  • Very quiet
  • On a small street

Our home and our workplace are situated at the same place or very close to each other and so the atmosphere stated pertains to both our home and our workplace

Within 0.5 ha (50 a)

  • Typical Japanese Size
  • Two Story House
  • A house that we use both as our home and as a shop, or office, etc.
  • Home-Made House






  • Chickens for Eggs
  • Chickens for Meat
  • Pigs


  • Dog
  • Cat

  • April
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

  • A Few Weeks
  • The period will be determined depending on our workload
  • If WWOOFers want to stay for a long period, after about a one week trial period, we decide if the WWOOFer is suited to our place and whether we will ask him or her to stay longer

Up to Two

5 to 20

It is not possible

  • We prefer WWOOFers who can speak Japanese
  • We welcome all nationalities
  • WWOOFers with absolutely no farming experience are welcome
  • WWOOFers who are interested in farming
  • WWOOFers who like nature
  • WWOOFers who are interested in environmental issues
  • WWOOFers who are interested in living in a rural area
  • WWOOFers who like doing house chores, for example cooking, cleaning and washing
  • WWOOFers who can clean rooms
  • WWOOFers who can look after children
  • WWOOFers who like animals
  • WWOOFers who can understand and deal with handicapped people
  • Active WWOOFers
  • Honest WWOOFers
  • WWOOFers who have aspirations
  • WWOOFers who can undertake activities without supervision
  • WWOOFers who can learn things with the Host together
  • WWOOFers who can get up early in the morning
  • WWOOFers who do not dislike insects
  • WWOOFers who have a will to learn the native language(s)
  • WWOOFers who are interested in this culture
  • WWOOFers who like a life not using electricity
  • Healthy WWOOFers
  • WWOOFers who do not have any animal allergies
  • WWOOFers who do not have dust allergy
  • Other


You can't use your mobile phone because we are out of town, and we also ask you to only use our computer for emergency. I hope you will enjoy the life without it!

  • General farming
  • Weeding
  • Gathering grass
  • Seeding
  • Planting seedlings in the ground
  • Harvesting
  • Sifting soil
  • Sprinkling chicken droppings
  • Wiping eggs
  • Watering
  • Threshing
  • Thinning out seedlings
  • Producing fodder
  • Maintaining pasture
  • Managing vegetable / rice fields
  • Chopping wood
  • Carrying logs
  • Cultivation of farm land
  • Feeding livestock
  • Moving dung
  • General animal care
  • Maintaining forest in the mountains / bush
  • Cleaning
  • Collecting garbage
  • Washing the dishes
  • General housework
  • Making flower gardens
  • Making a bath using wood for fuel
  • Repairing houses
  • Painting
  • Helping attending to customers in a shop
  • Taking dogs for a walk
  • Washing
  • Helping at events
  • Other

We don't ask you to help cake making or other food making. Please ask if you have things that you really want to try.

We don't ask you to help cake making or other food making. Please ask if you have things that you really want to try.

We are trying to give WWOOFers 6 hours a day, however, it may increase or decrease depending on the activities we are doing

  • In a house separate from the main house
  • Using a Japanese futon
  • One big room for several WWOOFers

  • Usually with the Host

We can cook for WWOOFers who can eat fish, eggs and dairy products but cannot eat meat


  • No

It depends on the activities we are doing at our place at the time, however, we usually have time to communicate with WWOOFers

  • Yes, to a certain degree
  • WWOOFers do not need to speak Japanese now but they have to have a will to learn Japanese

  • Japanese
  • English


We welcome someone who willing to try new things.
We go to bed early, and get up early with the sun bacically.

There are some works you might get dirty.

In summer time there are many many bugs!
In winter time it gets quite cold.
You will need a good pair of warm winter boots and socks,gloves.
Also, you use a wood stove to get warm.

And we use woods to heat up the bath, and we have bath once evry other day.(Not every day!)
It's like premitive life. We hope that you get used to it soon.

We love entertainers. (who can play instrmental, can dance,sing etc...) We hope to make our kids mingle with various of people from all over the world.

Our guest house is 3min. walk from the main house. You might have to walk in the dark.

If you feel nervous about that, we are sorry to say that you might have to look for another hosts. Thank you.
Not seeking WWOOFers at this time--please check back
毎日たくさんのお問い合わせをありがとうございます。申し訳ありませんが、ただいま新型コロナの影響を考慮し、しばらく落ち着くまで受け入れを休止することにしました。時期を見て、又再開する予定です。 我が家は都会から離れた森の中にあり、自分たちでできることはなるべく自分の手で創り出していこうという気持ちで、便利さとは離れて農的田舎暮らしをしています。携帯電話は圏外で、パソコンも最低限のことにしか使いません。そんな毎日の中で、何にでも挑戦し、一緒に暮らしをつくってくださる方歓迎します。3人の子供たち(17歳、14歳、11歳)があなたの来るのを待っています!(受け入れの返信には4.5日かかることがあります。ご了承下さいね。)
Thank you for your interest. We are sorry to say but we will not have anyone for a while because of Corona virus. We live far from the city, and can't use mobile phones, just little bit of old computer for emergency. Our life is quite primitive and simple. We want to create our life by ourselves as much as we can. We welcome someone who try anything and willing to create joyful life with us. Our 3 children(17yrs, 14yrs, 11yrs) are waiting for you! (It might takes 4-5days to reply your mail . Sorry!) Also,we only can accept WWOOFer(s) one or two at a time.