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  • Vegetable Farm
  • Nature School
  • Farm Inn, Backpackers Lodge, Etc.
  • Farm Restaurant, Farm Cafe
  • Natural Therapies Place
  • Yoga Studio
  • General Organic Farming
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Herb Growing
  • Living Self-Sufficiently
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Peace in the World
  • International Support
  • Opportunities to Study Japanese
  • Opportunities to Study English
  • An Educational Environment
  • Lectures or Classes for Learning About Nature
  • Hand-Made Houses
  • Slow Food
  • Eating Brown Rice and Vegetables
  • Macrobiotics
  • Vegan Food
  • Producing Miso
  • Making Japanese Pickles
  • Baking Bread
  • Baking Bread Using Natural Yeast
  • Traditional Local Japanese Cooking
  • How to Cook Generally
  • Cooking Classes
  • Food Care
  • Holistic Remedies
  • Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Massage
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga
  • Zen
  • Fasting
  • Reiki
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Japanese Calligraphy
  • Playing Music with Local People
  • Singing
  • Walking to Enjoy Nature
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Walking in the Bush
  • Hot Spring
  • General Japanese Family
100% organic
We have an organic attitude of sorts, but we do not go out of our way to be organic or alternative, rather, we do what suits us at the time
I try to make healthy homemade meals as much as possible. I'm doing Rakkenho,(2people yoga made by Japanese monk), yoga which make my immune system better and live a healthy life. I like creation such as DIY, art, and music . Aiming for a way of life that is close to the natural environment. We do compost food waste. We are trying to reduce waste. 
It's also nice to meet new people, so many friends and person has same interests come over to our place sometimes.
  • General diet including meat and fish
  • We usually eat vegetables and rice but we have meat and fish if we are given it
  • We put great effort into how to cook and what to eat
  • We cook various international meals
  • We always cook homemade meals
  • We never eat fast food such as McDonald’s and KFC, etc.
When we have a party or an event, we might drink with WWOOFers but these occasions are not so often
No, nobody smokes
  • In a tiny village in a mountain area
  • Outside the town
  • Quiet place
Our home and our workplace are situated at the same place or very close to each other and so the atmosphere stated pertains to both our home and our workplace
Within 0.5 ha (50 a)
  • Large House
  • Two Story House
  • A house that we use both as our home and as a shop, or office, etc.
  • Traditional farm house
  • Dog
  • Almost All Year Round
  • May
  • A Few Weeks
  • A Few Weeks to a Few Months
  • Both Short Period and Long Period Welcome
  • If WWOOFers want to stay for a long period, after about a one week trial period, we decide if the WWOOFer is suited to our place and whether we will ask him or her to stay longer
We welcome one WWOOFer at a time, and a few WWOOFers too can stay with us simultaneously
5 to 20
  • 2 friend WWOOFers of the same gender
  • 2 friend WWOOFers of different gender
  • A group of friends WWOOFing together
  • A couple who are WWOOFing together
  • A wife and husband couple
  • A wife and husband and their child(ren)
  • A mother or a father and their child(ren)
  • Siblings WWOOFing together
Depends on the situation
  • No conditions. If we do not have other WWOOFers or other WWOOFer reservations, we welcome all WWOOFers
  • Any gender
  • Single WWOOFer
  • Not single WWOOFer
  • WWOOFers of any age
  • We welcome all nationalities
  • WWOOFers who have much physical strength
  • WWOOFers do not need much physical strength but they should be able to do light activities
  • WWOOFers with absolutely no farming experience are welcome
  • WWOOFers who are interested in farming
  • WWOOFers who like nature
  • WWOOFers who are interested in environmental issues
  • WWOOFers who are interested in living in a rural area
  • WWOOFers who are interested in food
  • WWOOFers who can cook
  • WWOOFers who can cook meals by themselves at the Host
  • WWOOFers who like doing house chores, for example cooking, cleaning and washing
  • WWOOFers who can clean rooms
  • WWOOFers who can look after children
  • WWOOFers who like animals
  • WWOOFers who like outdoor sports
  • WWOOFers who can talk to people well and serve our customers and guests well
  • WWOOFers who can do carpentry
  • WWOOFers who can use computers
  • Cheerful WWOOFers
  • Funny WWOOFers
  • Honest WWOOFers
  • Responsible WWOOFers
  • Independent WWOOFers
  • WWOOFers who can be cooperative
  • WWOOFers who can undertake activities without supervision
  • WWOOFers who can learn things with the Host together
  • WWOOFers who are interested in this culture
  • Healthy WWOOFers
  • General farming
  • Gathering grass
  • Cultivation of farm land
  • Maintaining forest in the mountains / bush
  • Cleaning
  • Supporting environmental activities
  • Washing the dishes
  • General housework
  • Looking after children
  • Building houses
  • Computer related
  • Taking dogs for a walk
  • General living and accommodation related activities
  • Helping to prepare a new shop
  • Helping at events
We are trying to give WWOOFers 6 hours a day, however, it may increase or decrease depending on the activities we are doing
  • In a room in the house where the Host family live
  • In a house separate from the main house
  • In a traditional Japanese Tatami mat room
  • Using a bed
  • One room for one person
  • One room for two WWOOFers
  • Usually with the Host
Ask us when contacting us
  • Yes, after volunteering time
It depends on the activities we are doing at our place at the time, however, we usually have time to communicate with WWOOFers
  • No, WWOOFers do not need to speak Japanese if they speak English
  • Japanese
  • English

We are the family interested in Healthy life, ecological life, and love creation such as farming vegetables, DIY, making house , art, music,and nature.
I also doing yoga and Rakkenho which is 2 people yoga.
I’m doing B&B, so you might have chance to meet different people as well.
If you are interested in these, our place can be fun for you! I’m looking for the person who wants to try many different experiences.
We can provide you the own room, so you can have your private space and time.
Would be great if we can exchange our knowledge, skills and different background of experiences.
I speak English and Japanese! I have 2 energetic daughters, and a big friendly Akita dog.
I wish you have good time with us and support each other.
If you have any questions , please feel free to ask me!
Hi, We are doing organic farming, and serve these fresh vegetables at our guest house. It's located in Uda Nara. Would be helpful if you can join farming, DIY, Cleaning for mountain at our land. I can speak English, so please feel free to contact me.
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