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  • Poultry Farm
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Forestry
  • Building Studio
  • Sightseeing Business
  • Farm Inn, Backpackers Lodge, Etc.
  • Knowledge of General Farming
  • Non Agricultural Chemical Method of Farming
  • Small Scale, Large Variety Farming
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Tea Farming
  • Keeping Free-Range Chickens
  • Eco-Farming
  • Living Self-Sufficiently
  • Solar Power
  • Off-grid House
  • Using Well Water
  • Forestry and the Use of Timber
  • Opportunities to Study Japanese
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Hand-Made Houses
  • Hand-Made Goods
  • Making Jam
  • Producing Miso
  • Producing Soya Sauce
  • Making Japanese Pickles
  • Making Wooden Things
  • Building Houses, Fixing Houses
100% organic
Not Applicable
We have an organic attitude of sorts, but we do not go out of our way to be organic or alternative, rather, we do what suits us at the time
タバコを吸う人はいませんが、お酒は飲みます。 コンポストは毎日していて、利用できるものは長く使用しています。 テレビは見ませんが、映画やアニメはインターネットを利用してみています。 音楽を聴くことも楽しんでいますが、今は子供優先的な生活ですので、いつもよりアニメ時間が長くなっています。
We compost everyday and do our best to minimize the garbage. we do not watch TV but we watch movies and anime with internet. we don't smoke, we recycle as much as possible and enjoy creating from old things.
  • General diet including meat and fish
  • We cook mainly Japanese meals
  • We cook various international meals
  • Two big meals a day
  • We usually cook homemade meals
  • We never eat pre-made foods from supermarkets and department stores
  • We never buy obento (lunch boxes) at convenience stores and supermarkets
  • We never eat fast food such as McDonald’s and KFC, etc.
We drink and if WWOOFers like drinking, we may have opportunities to drink sometimes
No, nobody smokes
  • In a tiny village in a mountain area
  • Farming area
  • On a hill
  • Quiet place
  • Very quiet
Our home and our workplace are situated at the same place or very close to each other and so the atmosphere stated pertains to both our home and our workplace
Within 0.5 ha (50 a)
  • Large House
  • Two Story House
  • A house that we use both as our home and as a shop, or office, etc.
  • Other
中古物件を買い取り、大工の旦那さんがリノベーションして、ちょっとずつ中も外も改造しています。 終わりなきプロジェクトのうちの一つです。
We bought second hand house and My husband of carpenter renovated little by little for all over house. one of endless projects of us.
  • Chickens for Eggs
  • Goats
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • All Year Round
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • 8 to 10 Days
  • A Few Weeks
  • 3 to 4 Weeks
  • The first one week will be a trial period. If we feel that the WWOOFer is not suited to our place, the activities we do and the people we are, then we ask them to leave
One Only
5 to 20
It is not possible
  • We welcome all nationalities
  • WWOOFers who have much physical strength
  • WWOOFers with absolutely no farming experience are welcome
  • WWOOFers who are interested in farming
  • WWOOFers who like nature
  • WWOOFers who are interested in living in a rural area
  • WWOOFers who can clean rooms
  • WWOOFers who like animals
  • WWOOFers who are interested in doing the same activities as our trainees and our staff
  • WWOOFers who can talk to people well and serve our customers and guests well
  • WWOOFers who can do carpentry
  • Active WWOOFers
  • Honest WWOOFers
  • Responsible WWOOFers
  • Independent WWOOFers
  • WWOOFers who have aspirations
  • WWOOFers who can undertake activities without supervision
  • WWOOFers who can learn things with the Host together
  • WWOOFers who have no dislikes about eating and food
  • WWOOFers who do not have any animal allergies
  • WWOOFers who do not have allergy to eggs
  • General farming
  • Weeding
  • Gathering grass
  • Seeding
  • Planting seedlings in the ground
  • Harvesting
  • Sifting soil
  • Sprinkling chicken droppings
  • Watering
  • Thinning out seedlings
  • Chopping wood
  • Carrying logs
  • Feeding livestock
  • General animal care
  • Maintaining forest in the mountains / bush
  • Cleaning
  • Collecting garbage
  • Cooking
  • Washing the dishes
  • General housework
  • Looking after children
  • Building houses
  • Repairing houses
  • Painting
  • Helping with shop activities
  • Taking dogs for a walk
  • Washing
  • General living and accommodation related activities
  • Other
椎茸狩り 男性なら木材を切る補助
get the fire on wood stove, get mushrooms, help lamber ( help as much as you can is fine) help cutting wood, tree.
Usually 6 hours or less a day
  • In a room in the house where the Host family live
  • In a traditional Japanese Tatami mat room
  • Using a Japanese futon
  • One room for one person
  • One room for two WWOOFers
  • Usually with the Host
  • Normally WWOOFers fix breakfast for themselves using ingredients we give them. We have lunch and dinner together
Depends on the situation
Yes, at a designated location
  • Yes, after volunteering time
  • Yes, but it is limited
At least one of our Host members has much time to communicate with WWOOFers
  • No
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Italian
We have many animals, so prefer someone who is O.K with animals and kids. You can learn rural life in Japan and method of lifestyle in countryside of Japan here for sure! You can learn a lot of homemade ...
動物がたくさんいるおうちなので、動物と子供が平気な方、歓迎。 田舎暮らしの全般的なことにたずさわれること間違いなし。一緒に楽しくクリエイティブなことしましょう!
We are welcoming who is O.K with stay with animals and kids. You can have many experience of rural life in Japan for sure and learn about Japanese architectural technology(if you come in building project season) here. Let's enjoy creative tings together!
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