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2 years
Not seeking WWOOFers at this time--please check back



Fukuyama city, Utsumi-cho


  • Orchard
  • Farm Foods Processing Place
  • Other


  • Knowledge of General Farming
  • Natural Farming
  • EM, Effective Microorganisms
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Citrus Orchard
  • Flower Farming
  • Living Self-Sufficiently
  • Courses or Lectures About Farming
  • Tips About Running a Farm
  • Food and Farming Education
  • Making Jam
  • Making Wooden Things
  • Walking to Enjoy Nature
  • Swimming in the Ocean (In Season)
  • Fishing

70 to 90% organic


We have an organic attitude of sorts, but we do not go out of our way to be organic or alternative, rather, we do what suits us at the time

基本ファーストフード・コンビニでの食品は購入はしません ゴミの出ないよう生活し、リサイクルを心がけています

  • General diet including meat and fish
  • We usually cook homemade meals
  • We may eat pre-made foods from supermakets and department stores

We drink and if WWOOFers like drinking, we may have opportunities to drink sometimes


  • Near the sea
  • In a valley between mountains
  • Quiet place

Our home and our workplace are situated at the same place or very close to each other and so the atmosphere stated pertains to both our home and our workplace

Within 5 ha

  • Small House
  • One Story House
  • Traditional farm house
  • Other







  • Goats


  • Dog
  • Other Pets


  • Almost All Year Round

  • 8 to 10 Days
  • A Few Weeks
  • 3 to 4 Weeks
  • A Few Weeks to a Few Months
  • A Few Months
  • More Than a few Months
  • Both Short Period and Long Period Welcome
  • If WWOOFers want to stay for a long period, after about a one week trial period, we decide if the WWOOFer is suited to our place and whether we will ask him or her to stay longer

Up to Two

5 to 20

  • 2 friend WWOOFers of the same gender
  • 2 friend WWOOFers of different gender
  • A group of friends WWOOFing together
  • A couple who are WWOOFing together
  • A wife and husband couple

Depends on the situation

  • No conditions. If we do not have other WWOOFers or other WWOOFer reservations, we welcome all WWOOFers

  • General farming
  • Seeding
  • Planting seedlings in the ground
  • Harvesting
  • Managing vegetable / rice fields
  • Thinning out flowers / small fruits
  • Cultivation of farm land
  • General animal care
  • Shipping goods
  • General housework
  • Pruning trees

We are trying to give WWOOFers 6 hours a day, however, it may increase or decrease depending on the activities we are doing

  • In a room in the house where the Host family live
  • Using a bed
  • In a tiny room

  • Usually with the Host

Ask us when contacting us


  • Yes, after volunteering time


At least one of our Host members has much time to communicate with WWOOFers

  • Yes, to a certain degree
  • WWOOFers do not need to speak Japanese now but they have to have a will to learn Japanese

  • Japanese

生きる事は食べる事 農業を通じて食を考える・どのようにして栽培してるのか・どこが違うのかなど、考えて貰える機会であってほしいです

Not seeking WWOOFers at this time--please check back
朝8時から12時過ぎ、昼を休んで2時から夕方5時までの作業です お手伝いよろしくお願いします。