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  • General Farm (grow various kinds of plants)
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Temple-Style Cram School
  • Farm Inn, Backpackers Lodge, Etc.
  • Farm Foods Processing Place
  • Eco-Goods Sales, Natural Goods Shop
  • Knowledge of General Farming
  • Non Agricultural Chemical Method of Farming
  • Non Chemical Fertilizer Method of Growing Foods
  • Natural Farming
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Companion Plants
  • Small Scale, Large Variety Farming
  • Rice Farming
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Production of Non Genetically Modified Foods
  • Using Your Own Seeds
  • Using Well Water
  • International Support
  • Food and Farming Education
  • Infant and Child Minding
  • Vegan Food
  • Producing Miso
  • Producing Processed Food
  • Cooking Classes
  • Selling Natural Food
  • Food Care
  • Fasting
  • Walking to Enjoy Nature
100% organic
Not Applicable
We are alternative people, and live an organic mentality
・We import, process, and sell our own ingredients.
・There is no TV.
・Instead of opposing it, try to look at the state of your own mind first.
・We try to find pleasure that I can share with others, not pleasure that I'm alone.
・We usually do plant-based cooking.
・Smoking is prohibited indoors and outdoors.
  • We usually eat vegetables and rice but we have meat and fish if we are given it
  • We put great effort into how to cook and what to eat
  • Two big meals a day
  • We usually cook homemade meals
  • We never buy obento (lunch boxes) at convenience stores and supermarkets
We do not drink much and there will not be an opportunity to drink, therefore do not bring any
No, nobody smokes
  • In the mountains
  • In a tiny village in a mountain area
  • Near the sea
  • In a valley between mountains
  • Very quiet
Our home and our workplace are situated at the same place or very close to each other and so the atmosphere stated pertains to both our home and our workplace
Within 1ha (100 a)
  • Large House
  • Two Story House
  • A house that we use both as our home and as a shop, or office, etc.
  • Traditional farm house
  • Other
We also manage the temple.
  • All Year Round
  • A Few Weeks to a Few Months
  • A Few Months
  • More Than a few Months
  • 6 Months to One Year
  • For Long Stay Only
  • The first 1 to 3 days will be a trial period. If we feel that the WWOOFer is not suited to our place, the activities we do and the people we are, then we ask them to leave
  • If WWOOFers want to stay for a long period, after about a one week trial period, we decide if the WWOOFer is suited to our place and whether we will ask him or her to stay longer
Up to Two
5 to 20
  • 2 friend WWOOFers of the same gender
Depends on the situation
  • Any gender
  • Single WWOOFer
  • We welcome all nationalities
  • WWOOFers with absolutely no farming experience are welcome
  • WWOOFers who like nature
  • WWOOFers who are interested in living in a rural area
  • WWOOFers who are interested in food
  • WWOOFers who can cook
  • WWOOFers who can look after children
  • Active WWOOFers
  • Honest WWOOFers
  • WWOOFers who can be patient
  • WWOOFers who are interested in producing quality outcomes
  • WWOOFers who do not dislike insects
  • WWOOFers who can drive manual cars
  • WWOOFers who have a will to learn the native language(s)
  • Other
a person who doesn't complain
  • General farming
  • Weeding
  • Gathering grass
  • Seeding
  • Planting seedlings in the ground
  • Harvesting
  • Planting rice plants
  • Reaping rice
  • Threshing
  • Getting rid of rice husks
  • Thinning out seedlings
  • Managing vegetable / rice fields
  • Chopping wood
  • Carrying logs
  • Cultivation of farm land
  • Shipping goods
  • Supporting deliveries
  • Maintaining forest in the mountains / bush
  • Cleaning
  • Collecting garbage
  • Cooking
  • General housework
  • Looking after children
  • Building houses
  • Repairing houses
  • General living and accommodation related activities
  • Processing food
  • Helping at events
Usually WWOOFers need to volunteer more than 6 hours a day, however, we are balancing that by giving WWOOFers something extra, eg. extra days off
  • In a room in the house where the Host family live
  • In a house separate from the main house
  • In a traditional Japanese Tatami mat room
  • Using a Japanese futon
  • Usually with the Host
We can cook for even Vegans
  • Yes, after volunteering time
It depends on the activities we are doing at our place at the time, however, we usually have time to communicate with WWOOFers
  • WWOOFers do not need to speak Japanese now but they have to have a will to learn Japanese
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Swahili
  • Other
台湾華語 初級






'Why am I born in this world?'
The way of life of the plants (food) that my mother's land and the earth grow gives a hint to such simple questions, and we began to learn about ”a natural way of living” by practicing natural farming using the wisdom of our predecessors in the East.
Here, we aim to meet life through agriculture and food and live a spiritually rich life.
The most important thing is not what you eat (the content of the food), but what you eat (the purpose of the food), and how you eat it. By carrying out such practices day by day, not only the mind and body but also the consciousness changes.

there are many various kinds of activities you can do here, using your own characteristics to feel "life".

Health, politics, economics, the environment... I think it's important to restore your own sound body and consciousness, not to change everything else.

It's the perfect place for those with an aspirational spirit.

・Old traditional house with a guest house in a very marginal settlement.
・Natural farming in a field with a view of the sea.
・Vegan (vegetarian) cuisine.
・Rice fields cultivated from abandoned land.

※Basically, we are looking for a long-term Wwoofer.

●What you can learn here
⇒The art of living in rural areas based on agriculture.
⇒Building a relationship with food, which is life.
⇒How to get along with people in the countryside
⇒How to become independent as a self-employed person.









【Will you join us in building "an organic veg-town" with us?】

We have realised that we can build great security if we can provide ourselves with food, clothing and shelter.
It may even be possible to break away a little from the capitalist system that is now beginning to show its end.
So we are working on the following three projects to achieve this.

(1) Sustainable agriculture.
We are currently working to cultivate the abandoned land and turn it into fields.
The soil is still being prepared, but vegetables and rice are still being produced.
In the midst of a food crisis, why don't you experience for yourself that there is more than enough to eat from nature's gifts?
Nature teaches us that much of the information coming in from the outside (especially from the mass media) is far from the truth.
Most of the vegetables produced are used for processing, such as Jomon-style pickles (pickles full of lactic acid bacteria that do not rot) and miso.

(2) Sustainable housing (carpentry staff wanted!)
Currently, there are about 10 empty houses in the area that we own or rent.
Many of them need major or minor renovations, but they are all houses that can still be lived in for a long time if they are utilised. You can immerse yourself in the renovations to your heart's content.
We have a live-in carpenter on staff at the moment, so there is a lot to learn from him too.
After the renovation, the possibilities are endless, such as obtaining permission for a farmhouse guest house, renting out the space, or turning it into a shared house.
We are also looking for vacant houses that are still ready to be lived in, and are working to invite migrants who like this kind of environment and have the spirit to create their own work to live there.

(3) Making clothes that can be worn for a long time (Chikuchikutai are wanted!)
There are many kimonos left behind in empty houses.
Some of these kimonos are very valuable. It is also possible to purchase good quality cloth from a nearby organic cotton cloth shop.
Cotton cultivation is also started, depending on manpower.
And many old tools can be found in the empty old houses. Many of them can still be used for a long time and can be re-used again if they are remade.

These things are not yet up to speed very much on our own.
So we hope to get your help.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We don't need your education or knowledge.
If you have the desire to create a 'two-way joyful relationship'.
The will, or rather the feeling, that you want to create together with us is important.
(Complainers and complainers are not suitable.)

We are looking for long-term people.
But before that, let's start with a trial month - a trial to check each other's direction.
We will then discuss the future and decide on the details.

Please have a look at our introduction video.

*Basically, priority is given to accepting those who have not been vaccinated(covid-19).
(We believe that the minimum we can accept is not vaccination or not, but at least those who have questions about vaccination. Also, some of our staff are prone to shedding).

※Basically, priority is given to accepting those who have not been vaccinated for Covid-19.
It does not matter whether they have been vaccinated or not, but it is better if they have at least some doubts about vaccination for Covid-19.
Also, some of our staff are prone to shedding.
WWOOF Japan LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

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