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  • 農業(多種生産物)
  • 自家菜園
  • 森林業
  • そのほか
We live without mains electricity, gas or water.
We do not generate our own electricity.
Off-grid homestead.
  • 農業の一般知識
  • 有機農法
  • 持続的農業
  • コンパニオンプランツ
  • 少量多品目栽培
  • 米作り
  • 野菜作り
  • 梨栽培
  • 柿栽培
  • 柑橘類栽培
  • ベリー類栽培
  • 果樹園
  • ハーブ栽培
  • 茶栽培
  • 非遺伝子組み替え
  • 自給自足的暮らし
  • オフグリッドの家
  • 非電化生活
  • 非ガス生活
  • 湧き水、井戸水など使用
  • コンポストトイレ
  • ロケットストーブ
  • 山道作り
  • 森、木についていろいろ
  • 日本語学習の機会
  • 英語学習の機会
  • セルフビルドの家、手作りの家
  • スローフード
  • 玄米菜食
  • ジャム加工
  • 塩製造
  • 醤油作り
  • 天然酵母パン作り
  • 鶏の解体
  • 郷土料理
  • 自然食品販売
  • 建物建築、修繕
  • 自然散策
  • 山歩き
  • 野鳥観察
I live in a mountain without a house around me, so I am very careful about what flows in the water and what goes into the soil.I am careful to reduce the amount of garbage that does not return to the soil as much as possible.
Mr. Woofer can not use except soap, toothpaste, rinse( yuzu juice ) etc. while are left here.
We are environment-consistent.Everything we do is intended at self-service, sustainability and reduction, reuse or recycling.We activity try to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • 食生活にはこだわっています
  • 日本料理が多いです
  • 時にアジア料理を作ります
  • 自分のところで生産する野菜・生産物の加工品がほとんどです
  • 食事はいつも手作りです
  • スーパーやデパートなどの出来合いのお惣菜を使うときはまったくありません
  • コンビニやスーパーなどのお弁当を買うときはまったくありません
  • ファーストフード(マクドナルド、ケンタッキーフライドチキンなど)は一切食べません
  • 奥地
  • 山の中
  • 里山
  • 川の近く
  • かなり静か
  • セルフビルドの家(自分たちで作った家)
  • 鶏(卵用)
  • 鶏(肉用)
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  • 長期の希望の場合は、1週間滞在してもらってから判断する
5 〜 20人程度
  • 男女どちらでも
  • 自然が好きな人
  • 責任感ある人
  • 夏の蒸し暑さに耐えられる人
  • 非電化生活が苦にならない人
  • 健康な人
  • そのほか
If you are serious thinking of making to the mountains, I will help you.
  • 一般農作業
  • 雑草抜き
  • 草集め
  • 種まき
  • 定植
  • 収穫
  • 土ふるい
  • 水まき
  • 田植え
  • 稲刈り
  • 脱穀
  • 間引き
  • 畑、田の管理
  • 薪割り
  • 薪運び
  • 農場の開拓
  • 山林の整備
  • 薪の風呂焚き
  • 設備、道具のメンテナンス
  • 建物作り
  • 建物補修
  • 別棟
  • ふとん使用
  • そのほか
The attic-like, two-tatami-sized pot bank is Woofar's bed; it's inside a wood-frame self-built workshop.
In a pause-made large bunk, in a separate building that is also a workshop/drying shed.
  • ホストと一緒に食事する
  • いいえ
  • 日本語の必要性なし
  • 日本語
  • 英語
We are a small family homestead in an isolated location deep in the Shikoku mountains.We come here eleven years ago, and that time this place was all forest and bush.So far we have built a small cabin in which we live, a bath house, a chicken shed and a glasshouse.We grow race and vessels, Herb beads and nascent fruit trees and bushes.Work on cleaning the forest, expanding our growing area and building our main house is continuing.We live here main without electronics, and do as much we can use only hand tools and natural local materials.Our main purpose is to be able to supply and self-supplies.
Our diet is simple and mainly vegan.
We are moments busy with a furmer's market on weeks, so please schedule your arrival and Departure for weekdays.
I moved here eight years ago and live newly cleared mountains; we live in a self-built house without electronics, gas or water; and we help Woofer with life in general (managing fields, cutting trees, working on the architecture of houses, cooking baths with wood, and more, I'll reply the gift.
There's nothing around here - it's about an hour and a half's walk to the nearest store, post office - and bring about you need your way ahead of time.
You can hardly contact the mobile phone.Please tell the person who needs to contact in advance that you can not contact during the stay.Also, you can not charge.
The diet is simple, and the dishes are basically cooked once a day, moments the matchable dishes follow, as only the veggetables green at that time of year are used; consider that animal-based foods (inclusion egg and milk) are almost never served.
I usually work with my host, but I think it's hard.

However, It is a very good place for those who like nature, who who want to get away from living under the cover of artistic things, and who like quiet places.
Those who want to live in a very remote place are also welcome.We will help you.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

Sometimes I put it on Facebook.
Search by Peasant Production.

It may take some time to contact from here.
It's a 50-minute drive from the nearest supermarket, convenience store and school; far from anything, there's no electronics or anything exciting, but there's a lot of nature allone; that who want to send or want to live in such a place.
I would be happy if you would feel that off-grid life is not that difficult.
Off-Grid Homestead.We needed help in our available gardens.Anyone with carpentry or building experience world allso be most welcome.
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