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Kanto area
We can accept wwoofer who can start from 20th May.
We are small professional farmer to grow over 50 variety vegetables and chicken for egg.
Foreign wwoofer welcome we speak english.
Our farm located near Tokyo,to get 20min.
Kanto area
Shikoku area
Chubu area
We start harvest soy beans.We want someone who help us .
Kyushu area
Kyushu area
Tohoku area
У нас дом и поле для WWOOFers кто разведят памидоры,фасоли,и дыни без ядхимиката.
Сейчас 6 девочек и 5 юношей работают в Чарджоу хозяйстве.
Tohoku area
The one where Japanese is recognized, we request the helping of the field making which is new (the earth to make,).
Chubu area
Chubu area
If you are interesting in agriculture,Japanese culture,Manga, please send a mail.
There is free wi-fi here.
Chubu area
Chubu area
We want to help,old fashioned threshing soybeans by hand, help at the time of the workshop acceptance , greenhouse building.
Kanto area
Your work are carrying log, chopping log, weeding, cutting boads,survey in the mountain etc, from spring to autumn we will carry&cut log etc. and all are manual work in the mountain.We live in the mountain side, so we will welcome WWOOFers who want to live in Japanese mountain!! All work are manual work in the mountain. We hope you can stay more 4 weeks. You have to cook yourself,We sometimes eat dinner together. so I hope you can cook.Please come from the beginning of January in 2017 and stay more 4 weeks. Our work are all really manual work in the mountain, so we hope you are a very tough man or woman.
We are waiting for your message!!
Kanto area
We are new organic farmers.We have many natural works.Please help us and enjoy with us!
We looking for a wwoofer who can join during summer .
We are small professional farmer to grow over 50 variety vegetables .
Our family is very friendly and open mind.
Farm work is variety and hard、but wwoofer will be able to enjoy it.
A wwoofer likes cooking,welcome.
Please bring your working rain wears and your working rain boots.
We are looking forward to meet you and work with you!
Thank you
Kanto area
Here is Tanigawadake Raspberry Youth Hostel.

Now we are looking for Wooffer of woman.
We are looking for women who can understand even a little Japanese.

Here we manage only our family.
Very small Youth Hostel,it is located in the forest.

We usually accept WWOOFers for more than 2 weeks. The first 1 week is a trial period. And then both of us agree, WWOOFers can continue to stay after that.

WWOOFers can have ONSEN hot spring everyday here.

Around the world a wide variety of guests come from here.
Please enjoy to the exchanges with people of many countries.

Please tell me if you do not like our family. You do not have a problem without your stay as planned.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me.

KANTO area
Chugoku area
You can learn how to make earthbag house !!
As a WWOOF village I help you create a stylish earth house & garden that wwoofer people can spend more comfortable time with. Earth House will inform you about the settlement date of the next day around mid-March 2017.
From vegetable garden to New Year
Chugoku area
[Sep. 17th Galactic Harvest]
We will harvest rice in a traditional way on 17th September, which is full moon! We cut paddy rice by hand work, dry them in the sun, and watch the full moon by telescope. Please join us and enjoy together!
The help of a restaurant / the hotel
Seeking for mighty guys and women,who can WWOOF with us at least a week,after 17th. September,2016.
Sorry we are occupied after 11th.July.
Always seeking for someone,especially guys, who are interested in looking after our cows and carpentry.We are sorry we cannot accept woman during mid November to the end of April.Very windy and freezing place,so you can experience real freezing days here,even indoors,,,
Our place is located about 40km(25miles)away from New Chitose AP or Tomakomai Ferry Port(ferry terminal),1.5km(a mile)from HAMATAURA st/JR Hidaka line,or 50m from TAWURA dai ni(TAWURA 2nd) bus stop of DONAN bus.From Sapporo,DONAN bus"KOUSOKU PEGASUS go"takes you to MUKAWA onsenn SHIKI NO YAKATA" in 80 mins.
Look froward to hearing from you!

In addition;if you are a non-Japanese speaker,please stay and work with us at least a week.
You need your own laundry net bag,not to lose your clothes.
Better to bring UV-ray protection and quick-drying clothes.YOROSHIKU!
we need someone who can help cafe work, general house keeping, babysit our 4year old boy,
or someone who can harvest potato, pumpkins, construction work and make organic fertilizer.
please just send a request mail! we'll show you what wwoofers do at our place on website.
We do the workshop of the photography and are managing a hotel, too.You can learn photography from us.
If you are a foreigner, scholastic attainments at the third class level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test are necessary to work with us.
We hope to be able to stay at our hotel for one month or more.
Please look for another if it is a short period within three weeks.
Here is the only Korean restaurant in this area.
All foods are handmade and some materials are import from Korea.
( I try to use organic foods as much as possible now)
Now it opened about 3 years.
I have some plans which is to run small inn and to farm.
But I don't have enough time to do these.
So I'd like wwoofer to help me so that my plan go well.
You can learn Korean foods and Korean langeage as well.
You can enjoy with my children.
Also, I'm seeking for the person who can teach English or French to them.
helping in the kitchen .
We have many kinds of works!!
Dish wosher,Clean up,Operation standby,Back yard,something like that.
So if you can not speak Japanese now, its no problem for us at all !!
Acutualy, we are so busy term from augst to october cause very good season in Hokkaido, we need some wwooffers help!!
There are very kindness and helpful staffs we are, and some staffs can speak English.
We are really waiting for woofer who is very interested in life in country side of Japan.
Come on and Let's enjoy life in Hokkaido together!!
Hokkaido is the best place in Japan I think!!
We are doing non fertilizer, no chemical method of farming.
And,We are recruiting a member after May.
Hello Wwoofer

We are accepting wwoofers or two from mid May. Normally we like the woofers here for a period of one month.
In general each wwoofer has its own bedroom but has to share the bathroom, toilet and kitchen at a place which is especially for our wwoofers.
Wwoofer prepare there own breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In some cases it can happen that we have three wwoofer for a limited period of time and it is possible that one wwoofer has to share the bedroom as well.
Wwoofer might help us from Wednesday to Monday. Regardless Sundays or national holidays.
Our season starts in April and ends with the first snow in November.
We take wwoofer from the mid of April until end of October.
Work changes through the season. In April and June, and in September help would be more appreciated doing farm work rather than Cafe service.
In July and August main help is wanted at the Farm-Cafe.
Which means kitchen work, costumer service and kitchen gardening for the Cafe,
like producing lettuce in the green house.
We hope you are interested in helping us and we guarantee that its worth staying with us.

Hello, my name is Masayuki (Max) of h21555.
In Niseko, beautiful countryside of Hokkaido, We are looking for WWOOFers.

(1) From 17 September to mid October - 10 days or more [This is closed]
(2) From early December 2016 to 31 - January [URGENT! Please apply now!]
(3) From 10 February 2017 - For 5 weeks [This is closed]
We are Japanese family owned & operated, unique old-schoolhouse hostel near famous Niseko ski resorts, mountain range and beautiful volcano Mr Yotei. We need hands for our accommodation operation - house cleaning, kitchen hands, house maintenance, customer service, driving shuttle etc. It is great chance to spend whole winter in nature / amazing snow wonderland. We always have 1 or 2 WWOOFers in summertime, 3 or 4 people in winter time. You may experience Japanese culture and food, onsen (hot springs), trekking, cycling, skiing and snowboading on beautiful powder snow with other WWOOFers. You have free access to ski resorts.
[Important] Please make sure uploading your photo (showing your face clearly) on your profile before applying to us. Then please explain your experience, skill and what you are good at. We can only accept WWOOFers who are proficient in English or Japanese.
We try to reply your enquiry within 3 days but sometimes it may take longer. In that case, please do not hesitate reminding us!
Thanks in advance.
July 17 to July 31, 2008. Recruitment until September 1 to September 30 days. Hokkaido Furano inn.
The contact as soon as possible because the popularity came out suddenly. It was to accept equipment OK up to two people.
Kansai area
We live on a mountainside with extensive fields where we will are establishing an orchard, permaculture gardens and vegetable beds which WWOOFers help maintain. We are also running an International Free School on the property as well.
Kanto area
We need your help on English school and volunteer time at elementary school or community center events.Especialy, I need your help from September 1st.1 or 2 weeks short stay is Ok.
We cut and clean bamboo forest,clean onside, wash the dishes.
Kanto area
inaka yamaoku kuukiumai yamaoku ni wasitati sunndeorimasu omatisimasu
Tohoku area
Kyushu area
Hi! we are running a cafe, English school and music Studio, so looking for the wwoofers! ofcourse, if you want to work the organic farm, its good ! plz tell me what you want to do here! we are planning the welcome party when wwoofers come here everytime! lets enjoy and join our organic life :) wwoofing term is for 2 week! 
Kyushu area
にほんごで れんらく してください。We don't understand English well. Please write to us in Japanese.
Kyushu area
Kyushu area
Kanto area
We are in the process of building our farmhouse from scratch using a mix of traditional Japanese carpentry techniques, permaculture principles and sustainable building practices. Any wwoofers with experience or a keen interest in constriuction, carpentry or natural building are are most welcome. Also we are always farming so the there is farm work as well.
Kanto area
we are waiting the WWOOFers who have enthusiasm to organic farming and organic way of life.
please tell us your motivation and your reason why you want to come our farm.
Shikoku area
Shikoku area
from 9/7 can do that jobs---firewood making,house making,mowing, stay little house in my farm,there are 3beds and kitchen.its very naturally house.6km from stores.

breakfast and dinner is woofer cook himself.lunch is eat with our family usually.

3-5times a week,we go to you go to town(super market)with me and can do shopping.

we can teach you about japanese language,japanese country side culture,how to cook japanese food,etc.

cell phone(sim card)is OK for au and softbank.docomo is NG.
au,docomo,softbank are japanese cell phone(sim card)survice company.
but you can use wifi at my needs 10minites walk from woofers house.
Kyushu area
hello。we are looking for someone, look after horses, and taking customer to the ride, our ranch are grass land, we are western style ranch,
we have hetel and restauran,so we looking someone hotel and restaurant job.
Kyushu area
Kyushu area
※ I hope you minimum 2weeks stay.
・Ican't acceptance Vegan & Macrobiotic & Couple.
Becouse,I don't like Trouble...(-_-;)

And,please use we farm car.if you have International driver's license ,I'm happy!!!
But,you pay use Gasoline♪♪
before lot of trouble...Please,understand..
& Please,make enjoying yourself.(^^ゞ

Nice to meet you.
I started beeing a HOST from November of 2012.
My house and the farm is on top of the mountain.
Summer is good!! But Winter is too cold...
If don't like cold maybe can't acceptance.(;^_^A

My house was built just by me and my wife.
My farm organically grow japanese tea & ginger.
Additionally we grow some vegetables in the kitchen garden.
Up to 4 WWOOFER can stay in the WWOOFER HOUSE at the same time.
Wi-fi, games, karaoke and comics are available in the WWOOFER HOUSE.
I hope that everyone is happy. m(_ _)m
Kyushu area
Dear WWOOFers,

For the last 5 years, we have been working to fulfill our dream of creating a beautiful pocket in the world, filled with art, music, nature, delicious food, and laughter holding it all together.

We have built Yusu no Ki all from scratch, and everyday it is getting closer to our dream. Artists and musicians regularly pass through and stay with us, our retaurant is steadily gaining in popularity and it is all thanks to the help of WWOOF.

We want to share the music and culture of Japan with people from all over the world, and love to learn. The work we have been doing has ranged from wooden decks to exposed wood ceilings to cutting tiles and shaping glass, building furniture and shaping our home and our space to fit into the nature around us.

Our restaurant hangs over a small lazy river and we are surrounded by forest and hills on all sides.

At the moment, we are involved in trying to meld the classical Japanese style of architecture with the Grecian style, focusing on using shape and color and contrast to live in visual and physical harmony with the beauty around us.

Work here is challenging, but we are all trying to learn! Come learn and build and laugh and make mistakes with us! We are waiting to hear from you. \(^o^)/

Kousei and Miyoko
Chubu area
We look forward to having wwoofers from eary February to May.
Nozawaonsen is all perfectly safty.
We own a small guest house with 8 guest rooms surrounded by beautiful nature.
Only my family and wwoofers support our guest house. There's no employee.

We mainly cook traditional Nozawa dishes with organic vegetables
from nearby farms and other places. Our guests like our dishes so much that many guests come here every year.
Most guests come in winter. Please support us to do houseworks mainly.

You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hot springs, trekking and communication with our family, wwoofers and villagers in Japanese and English.
We have two ski lift tickets for wwoofers, so you can use them by turns. You can rent snowboard or ski at 500 yen per day.
There are 13 free hot springs in the village. The color and the temperature of water are differ from each other and you can go there in your free time.
You can take many beautiful pictures of mountains and old village. You can have a lot of sweet apples with natural apple honey inside.

You can learn Japanese, Origami(Japanese traditional paper craft), and how to cook traditional Nozawa dishes.
In spring, you can enjoy picking up mountain vegetables, learn about materials used in Chinese herbal medicine and gardening.

Many wwoofers are very friendly and they go snowboarding and hot spring together. They say that our food is so delicious.
You can ask me anything about us and the village.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
Thank you.
(2017 January 10)
Chubu area
Thank you wwoofers for your attention.
・We are seeking wwoofers who could stay anytime after 24th on January.

January – March (Temperature -6℃~9℃)
- Pruning orchard trees (Picking up cut branches from the ground);
- Chopping firewood; and
- Spreading rice husks to the orchard, etc.

April (Temperature 3℃~17℃)
- Picking buds from the peach trees and the pear trees;
- Planting vegetable seeds; and
- Raising seedlings, etc.

May (Temperature 9℃~22℃)
- Picking flowers from the apple trees;
- Picking superfluous fruits from the orchard;
- Cutting grasses; and
- Planting tomatoes, etc.

June (Temperature 14℃~25℃)
- Picking superfluous fruits form the orchard;
- Covering peaches with paper bags; and
- Cutting grasses, etc.

July (Temperature 19℃~29℃)
- Harvesting tomatoes;
- Cutting grasses; and
- Planting carrot seeds, etc.

August (Temperature 19℃~30℃)
- Harvesting tomatoes;
- Harvesting peaches;
- Cutting grasses;
- Planting carrot seeds; and
- Removing weeds from the carrot field, etc.

September (Temperature 15℃~25℃)
- Harvesting pears;
- Collecting rice husks and packing them into storage bags; and
- Cutting grasses, etc.

October (Temperature 8℃~19℃)
- Harvesting apples;
- Twisting apples; and
- Harvesting carrots, etc.

November (Temperature 1℃~13℃)
- Harvesting apples;
- Shipping apples;
- Making dried persimmons; and
- Harvesting carrots, etc.

December (Temperature -2℃~7℃)
- Shipping apples; and
- Spreading rice husks to the orchard, etc.

It would be great if you could join us at our farm.

There is a Hot Spring within 15 minutes walking distance, and we are surrounded by the very beautiful mountains here.

We would like you to enjoy and savor our favorite places in our town.

Why don't you join us and enjoy our farm work together in this beautiful Azumino town!

You could meet many other wwoofers here.

We always hope for many wwoofers that our farm will be your another hometown in your heart.

We are looking forward hearing from you.
Thank you very much.
Chubu area
We are looking forward to having WWOOFers.

*Make Udonn

*We will made mochi the end of the Dec.
Chubu area
Chubu area
We are using organic methods to grow a variety of things from vegetables to cotton and chamomile. We are building our knowledge of organic farming through local farmers and research about permaculture when time allows - summer is a busy time, please come and help us!
Chubu area
the TANBO(rice paddy) season have started. now we are saw the seeds at rice paddy and making ready for TAUE(plant the yang rice) it's very special for japanese culture and me and all rice eating person, i guess.
we wellcome anyperson who interested in rice paddy ,japanese,japanese culture, natural life(primitive life). please visit our place .
Kyushu area
We don't speak English, so for WWOOFers who want to study Japanese and like farming, our place would be a very good place. Please contact us in Japanese or very simple English. We are a friendly husband & wife Host in Nagasaki prefecture, Kyushu.
We have visited Korea and France to see our ex-WWOOFers. We had a great time with them.
Kansai area
Kansai area
The farming will start soon and also, farmhouse will be busy for accepting customer in spring time! We only accept women wwoofer only, sorry!
Kyushu area
We are seeking WWOOFers who help our community cafe and our friends' farm and our NPO activities.

In our NPO activities, we are trying to make a relationship among local residents to support each other through the food and agriculture.
(NPO=Non Profit Organization)

We are also running our cafe restaurant called 'HARAPPA CAFE' which is the basement of our activities here.

WWOOFers' main activities in our cafe are to help this cafe, cooking lunches, servicing meals, washing dishes, cleaning the floor and so on.

You don't have to be good at cooking. But we are welcome for the WWOOFers who likes or want to learn cooking.

And WWOOFers also may help our friend farmers to grow rice with ducks, and organic vegetables.

WWOOFers also may play with kids at the after-school kids club.

WWOOFers also may intermingle with the local elder people, and the challenged people.

WWOOFers also may help our English lessons for the high school and junior high school children in our town.

WWOOFers also may help our friends who ask us to help them which is, for example, weeding grasses, cleaning rooms and so on.

Our cafe is a kind of organic restaurant. But it's not strict organic restaurant. We use organic vegetables but also use the others.
We want safe food but we don't want to make our restaurant so expensive high grade one.

We usually accept WWOOFers for more than 2 weeks. The first 1 week is a trial period. And then both of us agree, WWOOFers can continue to stay after that.

WWOOFers can have a off day every 1 week.

WWOOFers can have ONSEN hot spring after the work everyday here.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me.
Kyushu area
Here is yufuin country road Youth Hostel.

Now we are looking for Wooffer .

Here we manage only our family.
Very small Youth Hostel,it is located very carm country side.

Off course, you can take hot spring everyday!

Come to help us and make guests happy with us togerther.

We are waiting for your visit.

Thank you!

Kyushu area
Kyushu area
We need help immedtely. We make rice from March to October.If you can help us,please tell us soon! We welcome you with nice food and onsen(spa)!
(first, 2weeks trial term)
Kyushu area
We are friendly family. We treat WWOOFers as real family. We welcome WWOOFers from all over the world. You can enjoy Obachan's (grandma) delicious traditional meals every day. Our children are happy to meet WWOOFers. Onsen (hot spring) is near here. If you want, you can use our bicycle, so you can go around this area. It is nice.
Kyushu area
We hope two types of wwoofers soon as follows,
1: persons who could help working overall agriculture including growing rice and vegetables.
2: one person who could help working overall dish and housework.
Chugoku area
Chugoku area
Kyushu area
Welcome WWOOFers!
We are husband and wife team running a dairy farm in Ogami, Okinawa. We welcome anyone who is interested in taking care of animals from everywhere and we appreciate your help!
Please contact us well in advance. It will take a while to reply you. Thank you.

*** Longer stays are welcome, too!
Can take WWOOFers all year.
Min stay 1 week. Longer stays of 6 months to a year is negotiable.
Kyushu area
Nihon-go de renraku shitekudasai. Japanese speaking WWOOFers, please. Please contact us in fluent Japanese.
Kyushu area
Kyushu area
Kansai area
We mostly eat veges. We don't eat much meat. We eat fish occasionally. What we usually eat is cooked or raw vegetables with 'dashi' meaning flavored with fish flakes, konbu(thick type sea weed)and mushroom. Wwoofers are expected to follow the host's diet, but one can stick to one's food habits by providing materials and cooking himself. Vegitarans are welcomed but we also accept non- vegetarians as long as one is happy about buying your own animal origin food. I want wwoofers experience a simple process of brewing rice wine, then it should make sense what you cherish after hard days of working in the rice field. Please come and join us!
Older person preferred with various experiences in life. Help brewing rice wine, but you must stay more than 20 days for that, cause it's a long process and we do it between other works on the farm. Our only one goat, me-chan is the most gentle animal known to me. We live in Nose town, only 40km from Kyoto and Osaka. The town is easily accessed by public transport. WWOOFERS will stay in a wwoofers' room.
As the farm needs a lot of look after for rice and veges, I rely on the wonderful help WWOOFERs can give me.
Our farm includes two rice fields and a small vegetable garden. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and 2011 is our second year of growing organically. Last year, my first attempt of growing rice without chemicals yielded half the amount of what I usually grow with chemicals. But I don't want to give up organic farming.
There is a variety of work available to WWOOFERs including rice growing, taking vegetables to the market and caring for our goat, Mei-chan. WWOOFERS who are interested in Japanese cuisine can learn how to make homebrewed amazake (sweet fermented rice drink), rice cake and other traditional Japanese food.
I have been hosting for five years and enjoy very much the communication and cultural exchange with my international WWOOFER guests.
We appreciate WWOOFERs who are hard-working and are willing to stay for more than ten days. I especially need help making koji. Macrobiotists, vegetarian or one who can cook are especially welcomed. If circumstanses allows, I want to make rice wine as well. It all depends on the number of help I can have.
I have a national English speaking tour guide license and I need one who is in tour industry.
Here are the things you can learn during your stay between urgent tasks on the farm.
★Learn how to make Japanese indigenus indispensable preservative food, which is Koji. Amazake is what I am hoping to spread among the Japanese and people in the world. Amazake is made from Koji. Amazake is nutriance equal to medical drip, yet, surprisingly, it is made only from rice. It is a sweet. For more information about Amazake, refere to Ryorido, on the internet. Rice wine is also made from rice. Koji is make only from rice. Either it becomes rice wine or sweet, it all depends on what microbe you encurage to work for furmentation. Learm more about furmentation. It is the heart of Japanese food.
★We need a professional person, in whatsoever field one specializes in we welcome, who put one's mind really into work, not just idling the time away. ★I am trying really hard every day on the farm and I want to have one who wants to learn because one would not complain working long hours because if one really means he wants to learn, she could learn a lot from working, not from paper and have a lot of question and I am always happy to answer but one who is not on learning mood but on holiday mood here should have a lot of complaints only.
Kanto area
We are looking for WWOOFERs who would like to stay with us on December !
It would be perfect if you are looking for a fruitful WWOOF experience for more than 1 weeks, and we might be the one you are looking for!

Our work is not simple, but includes a lot of varieties. We grow different varieties of vegetables here, and we also have some lovely animals here to look after for. Our work might be busy and hard, but everyone is working here happily and warmly. We hope that you could get a lot of experience working in our farm.

We have houses for WWOOFERs to stay. They are not luxury, but are in simple traditional Japanese styles. We have sheep, ducks and cats around the houses, and they are all very friendly. We would also provide meals or our organic products for you to cook with. WiFi is available here for you to keep contact with your love ones. We hope you could enjoy a simple and healthy stay here.
We are looking forward to your stay. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a mail!
Chubu area
Chubu area
Chubu area
we start from 6:30,so, a few people feel,too long,

we do traditinal Japansese life,
what is tradional??? i wonder,,,,.
we do not only farming,but also LIFE.

Please take yourself candle and flash lights and toilet paper.

No deodorant. No shampoo. No cosmetic. Please.

Be happy, make Other. Happy.

We dont have internet.

We dont like any soap.

if you want to stay more than 2weeks,lets talk about piriod after one week.

no hitchhike ,please.
Chubu area
Kanto area
Kanto area
***Our computer is out of order. We are sorry but we cannot reply to WWOOFers soon at the moment. ======● ● Acceptance criteria should be proud of in this connection WWOOF. is that WWOOF you write comments on Japan's home here after another WWOOF experience (if When you can not comment on the public to comment to the Secretariat WWOOF.) is asked to comment after the experience woof. we believe can enhance the spirit woof by utilizing this comment. will post public comments it here as well. Please check the website How to comment WWOOF. time to accept that the exchange of (preferably at least a month), please to spare. WWOOF aims to achieve mutual objectives. We raise the spirit WWOOF contribute to. Thank you. (*The WWOOF Japan's friend helped us produce this English language message. )
From Host

++PLEASE HELP US. WE LEARN AND STUDY JAPANESE POWER OF PEACE. POWER OF NATURE FROM JAPANESE HISTORY, FOR WORLD PEACE! 7ha. FRIENDRY.** Kennkou-seikatuwo kihonntoshite,●○ kennkouni tunagaru annzennna syokuryouno-seisannwo shiteimasu. えいが ととろ(トトロ)の イントネーション〓音調(おんちょう)〓抑揚(よくよう)〓にほんごを おしえます。EIGA "TOTORO"-NO intonation〓onncyou〓yokuyou〓NIHONGOWO OSHIEMASU. きてくださいKITEKUDASAI.
Kanto area
blueberry- work is beginninng not yet,but we need help for firewood-work and "chibikko Mirai bunko"work .It's become beautifl and warm here! We are waiting for yor mail!
Kanto area
We got new baby on March 2nd 2016!

Therefore, Please understand the situations later mention.
and if you would agree with these conditions,
send us requests.

1. Baby cries at midnight sometime.
2. There is a possibility that my wife can not prepare meals.
In this case, we ask you to cook together with me.
We prefer the WWOOFer who can cook the meal.

Basically, we welcome you.

Our schedule is almost full of WWOOFers who will come to our farm until the end of January.
Therefore, please contact us about the schedule from February.

**last update 19th January 2017.
Kanto area
Kanto area
Seeking wwoofer From now to at least until 4th of May or more longer.
Kanto area
Looking for *au pair *, female only ,prefer English native speaker or Japanese speaker.
I am mostly looking for someone to help with my young children and housework. (female)
not much farm work here except summer time.
If you wish farm work, you can have a experience at WWOOF host close from my home, organic farm there,so.

Because, sometimes, I finish late at work I need somebody to pick up my children and to take care of them until I come back home. (7-years old daughter + 9-year old daughter )
wellcome!! more than 1year.
Kanto area
Would you like to spend your time in the middle of Tokyo?
There isn't much to do for the garden as is located in the middle of Tokyo's central area however a lot of cleaning.
Wanted have somebody aged under 35.
From August 15th - September 30thb or longer.
From October 1st- Nov.30th
From Dec.1st - Jan.31st
Longer period is acceptable but not shorter.
Any nationality welcome!
Only no-smoking female who can ride a bicycle.
Contact me as soon as possible.
no-smoking wwoofer who can ride a bicycle!
There isn't much to do for the garden during the winter time
however a lot of cleaning.Wanted have somebody aged under 35.
From August 1st - September 30th
From October 1st- Nov.30th
From Dec.1st - Jan.31st
Longer period is acceptable but not shorter.
Any nationality welcome!
Only no-smoking female!

I'm a writer, a member of Japan Pen Club, publishing books and a dance artist running a dance school.
I need somebody who has understanding about the nature and culture.

My dance school is located in the middle of Tokyo.
Wanted a non-smoker who doesn't change the original departure date suddenly during the promised wwoof stay.
It doesn't need to be female if you can take care of cats/plants and cleaning.
Which nationality or language skill doesn't matter however a person who doesn't quit middle of the period but commits until the end.

You can do your tourism or attend evening school/course in Tokyo or self studying after wwoof that will finish at 2 p.m.
If you would like to have an exchange language lesson with my dance school student, it is available according to your schedule.
We have 5 cats in the dance school.We need a cat lover.
My place is not a farm but a dance school located in the middle of the central Tokyo, surrounded by plants however no big garden.
Main activity:
1)Gardening & cats/birds care. Watering my plants, cutting damaged leaves, planting in the garden, whatever contributing to the nature(plants/cats/birds).
2) Airbnb related activity(cleaning, maintenance the apartment, laundry,preparing linens)
3) Dance school maintenance including studio cats care those are living in the dance school.
Wwooff schedule:
Morning wwoofing 1): 7-8
Morning wwoofing 2)9-13
Lunch break:13-14 (Lunch break can be done after finishing wwoof too)
Afternoon wwoofing: 14-15
Supper:15 or whenever you like according to your schedule.
1 day off in a week.
Enjoy tourism/study/free time in Tokyo, there are many places to visit in Tokyo.
You get a bicycle from us during your helping period.
Bicycle riding ability is required as you have to ride from your accommodation to the dance school in the morning for 5 minutes (down slope) however going back takes 10 minutes (up slope).Walking distance however you can save a lot of time and energy.
WiFi available in your accommodation(private room in a sharing flat of 4 bedrooms), password is written on the fridge door.
I wish your stayf in the middle of city will be an unforgettable experience.
During winter time there isn't much to do for the gardening except cutting dead leaves.Gardening is busy in spring & summer.
Have a nice stay!
Please, send us your message only if our requested date matches you.It will save time for both of us.Thanks for your cooperation.
Chugoku area
The person who helps easy carpentry in April is greatly recruited. Let's spend happy together time.
Chugoku area
Hello dear WWOOFers Woofer.

We are in urgent need of WWOOfers.

Now our main work is outdoor work. I am starting to build a traditional Japanese hut for future wwoofers to stay in. If you are interested in learning about carpentry and/or traditional house building, this could be a good place for you. This work is quite hard so being in good physical condition and strength is important.
We want to make a vegetable and flower garden from the beginning. So we need take out roots, cut trees and grass and so on. Also we need to make wood for fire.
We usually eat simple japanese food from our garden and local farmers. We are not vegetarians, but basically we have lots of vegetables. However we want to accept WWOOFers that like to eat everything abd likes japanese food. We cannot accept vegan or glutenfree diets.
Around our house we have a lot of insects. Also we don't have a gas system or shower (we wash ourselves in a bathtub with water from buckets, also hot water). We make hot water from fire.
So please only come here, if you don't have problems with that and you can enjoy a simple life in the nature. We live in a small valley with a beautiful view of Mt. Daisen. It is very pleasant and quiet here, with a near by creek and forest.
We would love to teach our WWOOFers about living a self-sufficient life, organic food.
In winter time we Koji (basic of japanese traditional cuisine), Miso, Soysauce and other fermantation food. It is a very interesting process.
We are happy to welcome energetic, positive WWOOfers we can share and exchange experiences and knowledge with.
Please check out our homepage for more information about our life and my art:


Thank you
Kansai area
Kanto area
Welcome the WWOOFer who can speak Japanese (but don't need to be perfect) and who likes cooking .
Kanto area
we are runnig small acomodation and campsite in front of small lake and coexistent with nature.
we seek wwoofer during winter,becase we don't have many
guest in winter.please help our daily life and experience Japanese country side culture.
and we would like to learn winter place is good place for outdoor.
my kids go to small school,there are only 10students inclde my and my wife want our kids to meet many people and look beyond.
why don't you spend with my family in full of nature?

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